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Love Cats Digest, Issue #002 -- Cat Lovers & Us
December 22, 2012
December 22, 2012

Love Cats Digest, Issue #002

Greetings cat lovers, I'm Pita cat! Welcome to our second ezine Love Cats Digest! We had initially hoped to have our issues published every quarter, however we got a little overwhelmed with creating new videos, social media and adding new content to our website.

We sincerely appreciate your support in making this website a great community for cat lovers. We also would like to thank our guest writers and visitors for their wonderful contribution!

We, at, are very excited about sharing the second issue with you!

Purrfect Holiday Season!


Issue Summary:

(1) Keep Your Cat Safe During The Holidays

(2) Favorite Cat Poem

(3) Book Of The Month Highlights

(4) Careers With Cats

(5) Follow Us

Keep Your Cat Safe During The Holidays

There are several items that are hazardous to cats, especially during holidays, special occasions, and major get-together.

Foods Hazardous to Cats

• Raw meat (including poultry) - may contain parasites, E. coli, Salmonella, and other bacteria

• Poultry bones - fragile and can splinter in the throat and intestinal tract

• Raw egg - may cause biotin depletion; often harbors salmonella and other bacteria

• Macadamia nuts - contain an unknown toxin that can damage the cat's digestive system

• Uncooked yeast - can expand in the stomach, causing gastric problems and possible rupture

Decorations and Wrapping Hazardous to Cats

• Ribbon/Yarn/String - can be ingested and cause intestinal obstruction and bunching of the intestine

• Candles - burning/fire hazard

• Fireplace - shooting sparks and intense heat can harm your pet. Consumption of ashes can lead to burns (if still smoldering) as well as digestive problems and possible intestinal impaction

• Tinsel and Glitter - it can make your cat choke and possible cause intestinal obstruction

• Low-hanging ornaments - fragile and small ornaments, if ingested, can tear the esophagus and intestine if ingested

• Christmas lights cords - can cause pet strangulation and electrocution hazard

• Food on the tree (popcorn, candy canes, gingerbread people) - varying degrees of indigestion, diarrhea, and other digestive problems

• Ribbons and bows - can cause choking and bunching or obstruction of the intestines

Christmas Tree and Decorations - Potential Hazardous to Cats

• Unstable tree - in addition to ingesting small and broken ornaments, fallen tinsel and needles, and exposure to wires and other hazards on the tree

• Artificial snow - mildly toxic, however larger amounts can cause intestinal blockage

• Ornaments - deep lacerations can occur from playing with ornaments; ornaments may be made of toxic materials

• Tree Water - sap, insecticides, flame retardants, and fertilizers can seep into the water - bacteria can form over time; to prevent your cat from drinking it, be sure to use skirt to cover basin

If you suspect that your pet has ingested something poisonous, be sure to contact your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center immediately.

Favorite Cat Poem

A Tale Of Two Cats by Jeremy Bloomfield

All is silence not a peep

Like cat voyeurs, we watch them sleep

Dreaming away the hours

Of prowlings amongst spring flowers

The butterflies you chased after

Your cuteness and our laughter

As curious little noses

Sneezed at pollinated roses

And such innocence doth enchant

As a new born nephew, to his aunt

Tranquil, as a red sunset

Calm, as a storm unmet

As they sleepily awaken from their doze

A yawning purr and a lick of the nose

A stretch of claws, and how they mewed

A hungry demand, a cry for food

Oh cats, what a beautiful pair

As you lie upon the pillowed chair

What strange thoughts pass through your heads

As angels dance, and lovers wed

Book Of The Month - Highlights

This month's book highlight is called Letters to Jennifer from Maudie and Oliver, by Sharon Gray.

"Anyone who has been through a personal disaster will appreciate the light touch and frequent but understated expressions of care. And anyone who’s ever felt helpless in the face of someone else’s suffering will find ample inspiration in this delightful work. Gray’s keen eye, good heart, and smart pen are well complemented by Erika Folnovic’s charming drawings.

This is a book to lift the spirits."

Click here to ready more.

Careers With Cats

Sometimes a love of cats leads to more than just having a few of them in our homes. In some cases, a career can be carved out of our interest and passion.

There are many rewarding careers that doesn't require a degree, such as: becoming a cat breeder, cat sitter, and cat behavior therapist. You can even start your own business as a cat groomer and opening a cat only boarding facility.

For more details, click here.

Whichever career path you decide to choose, if it will be working for a vet or starting your own business, remember to have fun pursuing a career with cats!

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That's all for this issue, until next time! Meowonderful Holiday Season everyone!

Pita Cat

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