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Want to learn more about careers with cats? Sometimes a love of cats leads to more than just having a few of them in our homes. In some cases, a career can be carved out of our interest and passion.

A career with cats entails work full or part-time salaried job or, if you are a self-started person, you can even open your own business. In addition to be a cat lover you will also need to be a "people person." Remember, alongside them are their owners.


Cat Breeder

Breeding is far more complex than mating cats and selling the litter. Here you will be dealing with a delicate area, which includes looks and traits of pure breeds felines. Good and reputable breeders select a particular breed of cat and they work hard to produce a few kittens a year.

You start by buying a female or a male kitten (or both) and wait until they are old enough to breed. Both cats, and all successive ones must have the very best care.

In addition to caring for them, a breeder will need to have/provide various documents for buyers plus vet certificates. You will probably need to join a cat club and might show a cat or two to advertise your business.

If you're serious about starting your own cattery we recommend you to visit as many breeders as you can, as well as cat shows to learn more about the business. Learn more about finding reputable cat breeders here.

Cat Sitter Business

Many pet owners these days leave home not only for vacation, but also for frequent business trip and occasional emergencies. Lots of them may consider using a boarding facility, which can be costly, however others will choose to use a cat sitter.

In addition to watching over your cat, many pet sitters do other chores, such as: changing the cat litter, watering the plants, taking in the mail, turning the lights on and off to deter burglars, feeding special foods, dosing with prescription medicine, playing with your cat, and more.

The number of visits per day and rates per visit will vary according to your location. In large cities the fee may be higher for additional services around the house, and when there is more than one pet involved. You can start your cat sitter business by sitting for a friend's cat, by adding your business card or flier to those on vet's boards, pet stores, and other local spots where it is likely to be seen by the greatest number of prospective customers.

For more information about starting your cat sitting business and careers with cats, click here.

Pet Grooming

Grooming entails more  than just brushing and combing. You will have to wash the animal, trim it and dry it with a dryer. As well as, clip its nails, clean ears, and occasionally flea dip. You probably should "apprentice" to a groomer for a while or attend a vocational school to learn about the business.

Note, when you decide to open your own business, there will be costs involved, such as: a store front in a good location, utilities, insurance, furnishings, advertising costs, etc. For details, please visit the National Cat Groomers Institute of America and the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America.

Cat Boarding

No formal qualifications or degree are needed to run a cat boarding business, however it is very helpful if you have some prior experience in managing a business.

In addition to the reward of working with cats, starting a cat boarding can offer almost unlimited income potential. Once you have it set up, you can earn more money by expanding the facility, offer specialized or luxury cat boarding services. However, there will be costs involved, such as: a facility in a good location, staff, utilities, insurance, furnishings, advertising costs, equipment, supplies, etc.

Additionally, all boarding facilities are required to be licensed by the local authority under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act of 1963. The license, which is granted in the name of the owner, is issued annually.  The license fee will vary based on your location. Be sure to follow your local regulations  and guidelines.

For more information about starting your cat boarding business and careers with cats, click here.

Also visit the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA) for details about certifications.

Cat Behavior Therapist, aka Cat Shrink

This is a fast growing career with cats over the last few years. It involves helping cat owners with problems that seem to have no medical basis. 

People with an instinctive feel and love for cats can advertise his or her services as an animal behavior specialist. However, it is hard to get recommendation from vets, where many animal behaviorist get much of their business, if you don't have the credentials called by professional association.

Learn more about how to obtain these credentials here:


Additional careers with cats

Other career with cats include: veterinary medicine (to earn this degree you must first complete undergraduate pre-veterinary medical course, and attend a college of veterinary medicine) and veterinary care technicians.

Veterinary care technicians, also called vet techs, help vets by administering medication, conducting certain tests, taking  x-rays, assisting in surgery, etc. To work as a vet-tech you will need to obtain a two year degree, click here for details.

The more deeply involved you become in this area, the more you'll learn about, as well as learn that there is also an unpleasant side to career with cat and pets in general (e.g., euthanasia, animal abuse and neglect,  and vivisection). On the other hand, you could find yourself becoming quite an activist, extending your concern beyond household cats to the broader stage of animal rights nationally, perhaps even internationally. Click here for more information.

Whichever career path you decide to choose, if it will be working for a vet or starting your own business, remember to have fun pursuing careers with cats!

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