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Watch and enjoy the cat videos we selected from YouTube. Many cat owners were lucky to catch their cats on film, and we thank them for sharing with us. We included funny videos, cute cats playing, cat tricks and cats with other animals.

Take a break from your day and let yourself be entertained by the funny things cats do! Laugh away at our favorite videos!

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This is our cat Pita, she is having fun playing with a new toy.

Feeling down? In need of a bit of feline sunshine? These videos are the perfect remedy.

This is a very cool video with Moogly, a 10 month old Bengal cat. Moogly is very smart and interactive cat.

Meet Athena, another very smart cat. She performs awesome tricks!

Funny Cats 2023 First Time Seeing Snow: Hilarity Ensues!

This kitten is so cute and funny!

Cute Videos

10 Minutes of Adorable cats and kittens videos to Keep You Smiling! 🐱

We love videos where cats get on well with other animals. There are several of them on YouTube. This dog is so patient with the kittens. I think the kittens believe that the dog is their mother. What a beautiful family!

We are constantly updating and adding new videos, if you have a funny or cute video send it to us and we will make it part of this page.

We hope you enjoyed these videos and hope you visit our site again soon. Thanks for watching!

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What Other Visitors Have Shared

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Phantom sneak attack! 
My cat Phantom loves to play hide and seek. Here in this video, she got me! Lol

Cat is relentless with fetching 
This was my favourite cat of all time. She kept me entertained for hours a day.

My Cats Hate Christmas 
My 5 cats hate Christmas. The only thing they do enjoy about it is the opportunity to destroy the tree. Yet I'm still determined to spread the holiday …

Cat Mop 1000 
How cat Myloe TV is a very cool cat, will try almost anything to get attention. One of his favorite activities is being groomed by the vacuum or spinning …

10 things to know about 3 legged cats 
We are Button and Taco. Button is a big beautiful boy and Taco is a tiny tripod! When Taco was a kitten he had to have a leg removed after an accident. …

What the cat does when you're at work 
Every morning, one cat mother leaves the other cat mother at home with the cat. She thinks the cat sleeps all day, but the reality is very different! …

Bob And Charlie's World (Episode 5) 
It's a game of hide and go seek, as Charlie wanders into his new neighbor's house. What's in that mysterious room? This is the 5th episode of the adventures …

SMU - incredible dog father of kitties 
We have 7 cats and enjoy their funnies a lot. We had fantastic unexpected experience when our first cats were born which we want to share with you. …

Does My Cat Love Me? 
Have you ever seen an amazing cat who was also an actor in a movie? I made a short film, and it is starring a cat! His name is Lynyrd and he is purrfectly …

A solar spider versus a real cat 
A cat playing with a solar spider:

Tiger the Cat loves olives 
My name is Tiger and I'm a cat. And I want to show you how I eat olives. Yummy.

My cat is cute ... sometimes...  
sometimes my crazy cat is cute. But he is a crazy cat :-)

My cat helps me on the piano 
My cat helps my doughter on the piano:

Cat vs car 
My cat is the best friend of my kids. They play together with the same toys! In this video the cat is the traffic light. :D

cat - weird language 
My cat speaks a weird language.

Mittens from Kittens 
My cat's shedding on clothes and furniture was so exasperating that I embarked upon a quest to see if his fur could be made into something useful, …

A Cat's Thanksgiving (Bob And Charlie's World) 
Bob, Charlie and the girls plan the perfect Thanksgiving feast.

Pluto the cat plays fetch with the red ball 
Pluto was 10 weeks old at the time, I only had him a few days - he was the last of the litter to find a home and is a bundle of fun!

Teddybear drives the cat nuts  
Justin was a feral kitty who we found in our front yard and we take care of him ever since. He was always a funny kitten, with lots of energy, doing silly …

Cutest Cat Video!!! 
Found this super cute video...had to share. Enjoy!

Baby kittens meowing and crying for mom  
I've been caring for an 8 month old mother cat, with her 8 kittens. For the first week, her mothering instincts were almost next to non-existent. …

Purr Kitty - Official Video - by Who?What?NINJA! 
I wrote a song/made a video about my cat love. Its a pretty catchy tune with funny lyrics. If you love cats - you will identify. It's being …

Poco Swimming for Fun and Country 
Poco Takes on Bathtub Swimming and Wins.

My cat loves getting dizzy 
Hello :) I'm from Sweden, just filmed my cat with my friends and with my dad! Its very funny! Its even funnier if you understand Swedish! :) …

Cat vs. laser  
I just made a video with my lovely cat, Aria. Enjoy!

Help! Stop cat from peeing in the house Not rated yet
Hey Cat Lovers, I found this video super helpful and wanted to share it. There is so much more to cats' emotional side than we know. I hope this helps. …

Cat playdate at the beach Not rated yet
This is Alfie #alfie_advcat (@adventure.catsultant) and Frankie @frankie_thefishcat having a play date at the beach.

Cats of YouTube - Vol 1 Not rated yet
The latest clips of cute cats and kittens from YouTube!

Bat hunter Not rated yet
A bat came in the chimney we didn't know what to do it got trapped in the kids room and the cat took over

Polydactyl Violet the Housecat Meets a Street Cat Through Glass Not rated yet
Violet had just moved to a new home in Mesa. AZ with a big first floor picture window. She was quite taken aback when she looked up and saw a street cat …

Cute Cat Video | Notty Loki wants to eat Sausage Finger Not rated yet
I'm the cutest kitten! I'm a Maine coon mix Norwegian Doll. I love playing with ANYTHING! This sausage fingers looks so delicious i wanna just bite it! …

Our dog loving our cat! Not rated yet

Neko the crazy cat: discovering tap water Not rated yet
Neko-chan loves water and finds it amusing, tries to catch it with paws and even biting into it :)

Cute Cat Twitching a LOT While Asleep Not rated yet
Tiddles likes to sleep a lot and always twitches so much it's funny! This time I thought I'd film it.

WOW! What a funny game:D Not rated yet

Cat amused with fidget spinner Not rated yet
Even Leo the Siberian cat is amused with fidget spinners

Lanai Cat Sanctuary Not rated yet
The PurrFect Place to visit for Cat Lovers. The Sanctuary helps minimize the Growing population of Stray & Feral Cats roaming on the Island. …

Caught in the act - cat doesn't care  Not rated yet
Cat starts messing up the closet.

Funny Cats Compilation Not rated yet
Cats are the cutest thing on earth, they will always make us laugh. This video is a compilation of cats falling in water, having fun, doing ingenious things …

Amazing Cats Not rated yet

Soccer Kittens Not rated yet
I'm a part-time rescuer hoping to create awarness. The proceeds from this website will go directly to local and national shelters and rescue groups who …

Suddenly Misty- A Love Story Not rated yet
Hi, I'm a personal trainer who trains a lady with cats, Misty and Latte. They are gorgeous and hilarious. At the end of our sessions I always take cat …

"Elderly Cats Gone Wild" Not rated yet
Watch a gang of elderly cats sing for their supper while another elderly cat shows her distaste at having a lighter placed near her on a table. Produced …

Cute cat loves a pillow  Not rated yet
My cat I found her out side and I just give her a care, food and milk and she feels save now .. in this video she is crazy with a pillow 😊😂 .. she was …

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Maddox loves the vacuum Not rated yet
Maddox is a funny himalayan cat who loves food, sleeps, oh...and being vacuumed. He literally chases me around the house when I'm cleaning so I'll vacuum …

Boring Cat's Life Day #13 - Star Wars: The Kitten Awakens!  Not rated yet
Cat fighting a watermelon!

Cat free fall with GoPro HD  Not rated yet
GoPro funny cat Tyrion climbs Tree & free fall with GoPro HD Funny cat climbs tree with GoPro Cat Cam

Cat on daily trip with GoPro Not rated yet
Tyrion the Cat on his daily trip on a sunny day through the hood. He meats Dogs an other friends. Music: Symphony No. 5 (by Beethoven)

GoPro Cat Vs Fox - Funny Cat gets pranked Not rated yet
Tyrion the Cat sneaks through the hood when he spots a dangerous, giant Fox ;)

GoPro Cat and Dogs - Fishing - run on the spot  Not rated yet
Tyrion the Cat and friends go fishing - Part 1

How to train your cat to switch on the lights Not rated yet
Video training Myloe the 16 week old kitten to turn on the fan lights on command. Pretty cool.

Rumpel - dog fan Not rated yet

Angry Blind Cat Cheeze Playing On Couch Not rated yet
Like most things in the house, Cheeze owns the couch. If you mess around with it, its his duty and entertainment to smack you

Cat Raids Treat Cabinet Not rated yet
Our cat knows where we keep the cat treats and catnip...He is very mischievous! We eventually had to put baby locks on the cabinets to keep him out. …

Cat vs Brush Not rated yet
Not yet fully grown moggie called Walter White, takes on a hairbrush with a surprising outcome.

Amber The Purring Cat: The 2.5-Minute Really Boring Movie Not rated yet
Amber is a photogenic kitty of leisure who lives in Crawford County, PA. This video features her as she purrs loudly, plops down on the porch, …

Denden- My Brother's Cute Pet Cat Not rated yet
This is a video of my younger brother's cute pet cat. I know very little about cats so I was surprised when I noticed that his cat has those blue yes. …

Cute Cat Gets Anime Eyes Makeover Not rated yet
Luna the calico cat gets an anime eye makeover, all from the comfort of her favorite basket.

Hilarious Cat Short Film! Not rated yet
I made this 5-minute comedy film about a cat because I wanted to explore how cats feel about their human owners. I hope you enjoy it! It's called "Does …

Funny kitten knows kung fu Not rated yet
Fishy the momma cat fending off attacks from her kitten Bratty who likes to wrestle with his mother all the time. The outcome is always the same i.e. Fishy …

Birman Cat Birthday Song Not rated yet
Hi My name is Logan and I make funny birthday video under the name The Joke Stroke. I have recently made a birthday greeting specifically for Birman …

Spat the cat. Not rated yet
Spats the cat is very smart. He will also drink milk with his paw, by dipping his paw into the milk, then lick the milk off his paw. Who needs a dog, …

Cat vs Dog Fight  Not rated yet
my cat !

Timo the Cat slide on umbrella Not rated yet
Umbrellas are fun to play with.

M Brnt Not rated yet
This is a video of my cat Max. While on holiday we had a cat sitter for Max but a neighbour would come by to water the plants. We left a note …

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Sleepy cat Not rated yet
My carzy cat sometimes is cute. But he is a crazy cat :-)

Where is the cat? Not rated yet
Where is the crazy cat?

Teddy vs the Itazura Cat Coin Bank Not rated yet
I bought this piggy bank online for the sole purpose of alleviating the cats from boredom. They can't get enough of this thing!

Bob And Charlie's World

(Episode 4)

 Not rated yet
Great green fur-balls--what's that big glowing thing inside of Bob's house? Will Charlie risk going after it, to confront his rival? Only his conscience …

Bob And Charlie's World (Episode3) Not rated yet
Charlie is determined to find a way into Bob's new house and win back his female friends. There is confusion among the girls, and even more confusion …

Christine Lorraine, video hobbyist Not rated yet
I am a stay-at-home mother of a disabled daughter and a teenager, and when I see my cat play, I turn on my video camera. I figured out how to load these …

Cat Trapped in Luggage Not rated yet
I found my cat hiding inside my luggage on top of all my clothes, as if it were his own little nest! I'm not even 100% sure how he got in... Like …

Dancing cat Not rated yet
My cat dancing to Happy by pharrell :) Her name is Rosema and she is a Maine Coon. We have this school project where we are supposed to get as …

Kitty Attacking Dog Not rated yet
This is a video of my cat attacking my dog's tail! They were best friends before my dog passed away. If you like, please share! :)

Сhester And Cupcake Part 1 Not rated yet
Chester And Cupcake. Cupcake is my new Lionhead Rabbit! These two like to play with each other. Chester likes the chase since he's a cat!

Cat Almighty in Crazy Tunnel Parkour Not rated yet
This short video is like no other. We have never seen a cat doing this. Cat Almighty had never been trained or forced to do so. It was all her own invention …

Jurassic Cats (Jurassic Park Parody) Not rated yet
My story started when my dad and brother passed away. I decided to make YouTube videos for myself and my cats because it kept me happy. And this video …

Fluffy playing with his toy Not rated yet
Fluffy is our long haired Himalayan Ragdoll cat and he enjoys his toys.

Rosy the creepy kitty Not rated yet
Rosy can be intense sometimes! This video is in real time - the cat just likes to walk in slow motion

Cat watching birds on youtube Not rated yet
My cat just can't get enough of birds and mice videos on YouTube.

Funny Cats Play Romeow And Juliet Not rated yet
In this cat's version of Romeo And Juliet, Charlie tries to win the affection of his lover on Valentines Day, but is in for a surprise. (from Bob And Charlie's …

"Cattitude" Meet Moonunit, the beautiful cat who is boss of the house Not rated yet
Meet Moonunit, one of the most beautiful young cats around. Her piercing blue eyes and elevated "cattitude" soon let this pug-shar pei mix dog …

Cute Cats Clips ! Not rated yet
Funny Cats, who dosen't love em? Take a look!

YouTube's First Ever Cat Casting Not rated yet
"Using gestures and sounds, but no actual words, describe your cat's personality in 30 seconds or less." LOL! Enjoy, Ricky

A Cat's Night Before Christmas (Bob And Charlie's World) Not rated yet
A cat's version of the classic holiday poem "'The Night Before Christmas". Bob tells the story to his nephews and whoever else happens to drop by. …

No Fear Kitten Not rated yet
These are my kittens Lil Bit and Kratos.

House Cat Not rated yet
Jams For Animals is a non-profit that promotes kindness to animals with music & video, and builds shelters with proceeds of music sales. This …

The Lion Kings Not rated yet
It's my cats, Nanook and Loki, reenacting the final battle of The Lion King!

Cute Kitten trying to catch a fly, surprise ending.  Not rated yet
My cat George was trying desperately to catch a fly. Watching him was so funny so I grabbed my camera to record his antics. He surprised me …

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Lambeau Says Hello. Many Times Not rated yet
My sister and her cat Lambeau talking up a storm. This cat really can say hello!

Cats play with a box Not rated yet
It's plain cute!!!

Fumo drinking milk Not rated yet
We saved this little and sweet cat from the street. Someone (very bad) tryed to kill this sweet kitty in the trash bin. We brought him to our house …

My cat forces himself through the blinds Not rated yet
My cute but stupid orange cat desperately wants to view the outside world. No blind's gonna get in his way. Funny but destructive.

Waterbed Disaster Waiting to Happen  Not rated yet
Too funny!!

Love Me Cat: Puppet Talk Show with Celebrities & You!  Not rated yet
Our internet video company, My Damn Channel, is working on a new puppet project called Love Me Cat with writers from The Big Bang Theory and Community. …

The Adventures of the Incredible Mr. Jefferson Not rated yet
Mr. Jefferson is an extraordinary black cat. He is very smart and very human-like. He knows he is very handsome and is quite the ham.

CRAZY CATFIGHT! two cats falling from the roof together while fighting each other  Not rated yet
This was earlier today when 2 male cats started fighting at a height of about 3 meters. They ended up falling down while fighting. Pretty funny …

Bob And Charlie's World
(Episode 2)
 Not rated yet
The drama continues... The new cat (Bob) moves into the neighborhood. And Charlie is watching his every move. So are his female friends. But …

Bob And Charlie's World
(Episode 1)
 Not rated yet
A reality show parody. With talking cats. Better than the real thing! In this first episode, Charlie charms his lady-friends with rhyme and …

Cat Treats For Everyone! Not rated yet
Luckily Kimicat doesn't mind sharing!

Haha funniest video I have seen this month. MUST SEE! Kitten against Lizards!  Not rated yet
Haha funniest video I have seen this month. MUST SEE! Kitten against Lizards!

Sad Cat Diary Not rated yet
The diary of sad cats everywhere. :)

Lego Town promo video does not go as planned  Not rated yet
I was creating a video presentation about the Lego Town project I do for my son’s school when I got some unexpected help from my cat.

FEED THAT CAT! Not rated yet

My kitty and her toys Not rated yet
My cat likes a lot to play fetch with her toys, so I recorded her doing so.

Sideways Attacking Kitty  Not rated yet
Found this video on YouTube - by: funny!

Essay Writing Tips With a Cat  Not rated yet
My friend's attention starved cat decides hog all the camera time while I try to make an informative video about essay writing.

Dogs and Cats Living Together - Mass Hysteria End of the World Mashup HD Not rated yet
The End of the World is near... Cats and Dogs are living together, so much hysteria!

Molly Hiding and Playing Not rated yet
This video was sent in by one of our site's visitor! Thank you Julia - from Glasgow, Scotland, for sharing this cute video with us and with cat lovers …

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