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Help! Stop cat from peeing in the house

Hey Cat Lovers, I found this video super helpful and wanted to share it. There is so much more to cats' emotional side than we know. I hope this helps.

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Missing My Cat: Dealing with Loss Nearly a Year Later

I had to put my cat to sleep last year. It tore me up inside, and despite months passing - it feels like a year, but is about 9 months - and adopting a

Continue reading "Missing My Cat: Dealing with Loss Nearly a Year Later"


THE CAT NOVICE I never had a cat or dog when I was growing up nor as an adult. When my niece was

Continue reading "CAT NOVICE"

Fur Ball

My cat is a curly ball of fur, rolled up in my lap. He is beginning to purr and get a nap.

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Ballerina The Cat

Ballerina dances in the firelight's glow. She is magic in motion, making faces glow. Ballerina does this and that. Ballerina is our cat.

Continue reading "Ballerina The Cat"

Maude Cat Thankful!

Maude was adopted at 6 weeks old and now over a year old. Maude was a delicate looking cat but very strong. If she coughed a vet visit was made. We had

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Cats can make your day- Listen to what I say- Cats will play and create happiness galore - Cats love to play and love to explore- Cats are lovable in many

Continue reading "CATS CAN MAKE YOUR DAY"


Ariel came into my life when she was just 8 weeks old.I went to a pet shop I had always wanted a kitten. When I arrived the pet shop owner tried to convince

Continue reading "Ariel"

Polydactyl Violet the Housecat Meets a Street Cat Through Glass

When Cat Worlds Collide

Violet had just moved to a new home in Mesa. AZ with a big first floor picture window. She was quite taken aback when she looked up and saw a street cat

Continue reading "Polydactyl Violet the Housecat Meets a Street Cat Through Glass"

Cat playdate at the beach

This is Alfie #alfie_advcat (@adventure.catsultant) and Frankie @frankie_thefishcat having a play date at the beach.

Continue reading "Cat playdate at the beach"

A cats routine

Purring and jumping all over your bed, time to get up I want to be fed, give me the food to fuel my day, I have to go outside and play, there's fences

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I just managed to catch her

Ariel came into my life when she was just 8 weeks old. I went to the pet shop I had always wanted a kitten. The pet shop owner keeps trying to convince

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