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How to find healthy cat treats? We've written about feline healthy foods and nutrition, however we have not yet covered treats. As a pet owner, we love to give our pets treats, but some of these treats can actually harm our pet's health.

While searching for your cat's healthy treats, you must take into consideration your cat's special health requirements, weight and age.

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Healthy treats can be a good way to supplement your cat's diet, it provides additional nutrition and vitamins that cats may not get from their regular food. However, there are cat treats that has high levels of carbohydrates, grains and high fat, which tend to do poorly on a cat's diet.

Be sure to check the label for the list of ingredients, number of calories, and fat. Another good thing to look for is the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) certification. The AAFCO publishes a set of guidelines for cat food and treats, and if the ingredient definition meet the regulation, the sign "Formulated to meet the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profile for Kittens/Adults/Senior," will be printed on the label of the treat package.

Remember, in addition to have a flavor that will appeal to your cat, it is important that you find cat treats that are nutritionally balanced.

In our quest to find healthy treats for our cats, we've come across three brands that meet our standards of what constitutes a healthy treat for cats.

Wellness Pure Delight Cat Treats are grain-free, wheat-free and contain no soy. They are tasty, moist and healthy treats, our cats love it.

Natural Balance Perfect Bites are a healthy, guilt-free, delicious snack for any kitty. These cat treats do not contain corn, soy, wheat, artificial flavors, or artificial colors.

Halo Healthsome Baked Treats are made with wholesome natural ingredients to provide nutritious, aromatic and tasty snack your cat will love. This healthy treat is made without corn, fillers, added salt, sugar or molasses. Our cats sure love Halo's treats. Our cat Tiger starts to purr every time I open the treat bag.

AMZ cat vitamin

Treats are the best way to give your cat vitamins and supplements. Many healthy cat treats are formulated to promote health benefits, such as dental treats, hairball remedies, heartworm preventives, upper respiratory infections, arthritis, urinary track, constipation, healthy skin, and more. Note, these are more than just treats, so be sure to follow the manufacturer instructions about maximum amount of treats per day.

More Cat Treats

In addition to healthy benefits, giving healthy treats to your cat also creates the opportunity to strength the bond between you and your feline friend. It can also be used to create a routine, which many cats find comforting, as well as to train your cat to follow simple commands, and to perform great tricks.

Note, it is important to know what your cat's needs are prior to getting her treats. You can give your feline friend healthy cat treats that won't contribute to obesity, diabetes, or other health issues.

Cats need a nutritionally complete and balanced diet to live an active and healthy life.

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