Cat Pregnancy. What To Do Next?


Here you will learn more about cat pregnancy and how to assist your cat prior and during delivery. If your female cat, foster cat or if you welcomed a stray pregnant cat into your home, the first thing you will need to do it to take her to the Vet. Note, in the case of a stray cat, you will need to have her tested for FeLV and FIV, and ask your Vet about the pros and cons of vaccination.

Signs that your cat is pregnant

If your female cat is not spayed and was in heat when she met a male cat that is also not neutered, you should prepare yourself for the new addition that will come in soon. Cat Pregnancy period normally runs from 57 to 69 days, with the average of 63 to 64 days. That's right, your cat is pregnant!

Cats will start showing signs of pregnancy in about three weeks, which include physical and personality changes.

Physical changes in a pregnant cat include:

* Increased appetite

* Nipples swell and become rosier in color

* Heat cycles cease

* Abdominal enlargement

* Nausea/Possible Vomiting

Personality changes in a pregnant cat include:

* "Nesting" - searching for a secluded place to nest prior to delivery

* Increased need of affection and attention from her owner

* Irritability toward other pets

The number of kittens in a given litter is hard to predict, although it can range from one to eight kittens. Your veterinarian may be able to tell you the correct number of kittens by counting the heads - by palpating your cat's abdomen, or he can perform an ultrasound.

Things to do during your cat's pregnancy

If your cat was a healthy cat prior its pregnancy, it will be easier to keep her in good health through delivery. Although, if your cat had any health issues or issues prior its pregnancy, make sure your veterinarian will be involved throughout the entire pregnancy time and delivery.

A pregnant cat will need to exercise, have a balanced nutrition and plenty love and care. You can play with your cat as before its pregnancy, she will tell you how far she can go. By engaging in normal exercise during cat pregnancy will help the cat to maintain her muscle tone and good health.

Nutritious food is also important to a healthy cat pregnancy. Make sure you feed your cat with the highest quality food. If you are planning to give your cat supplements, be sure to ask your veterinarian for the right supplement. Some supplements can compromise the nutrition in your cat's balanced diet and hurt more than help.

Four weeks into the cat pregnancy you should start increasing the amount of food you give your cat. Once the little kittens start to grow inside your cat's body, she will start to eat smaller, but more frequent meals.

The pregnant cat will eat several times a day, so be sure to leave plenty food. Note that one or two days before she gives birth she may stop eating.

It is also recommended that during the last three to four weeks prior to delivery and while nursing, your cat should eat about two to four times her regular amount of food.

Cat Pregnancy - Delivery time!

Giving birth is a natural process, and your cat will rely on her maternal instincts. The only thing you will need to do is to stay by her side during the birthing process to monitor what happens. Only intervene if she needs your assistance.

The kittens are born within their amniotic sacs, which your cat will remove. If for any reason, she does not remove the kitten from its sac, you will need to do it. You will need to carefully cut the sac and stimulate the kitten's breathing by rubbing it gently with a rough dry towel. Click here to learn more about items you will need.

During the birth of her kittens, a mother cat will sever the umbilical cord by chewing it, and she will remove the sac by licking it. Then she will stimulate the kittens to breathe by washing them with her rough tongue. It is also normal for a cat to eat the placenta. Once the kittens are breathing, they will move toward the cat's nipple.

If you notice that your cat is having any complications during the delivery, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

Postnatal care of your cat and kittens

Now that the kittens have arrived, the next three weeks will be the extremely important for your cat and her newborn kittens. During this time the female cat should be recovering from the delivery, keep your eyes open for any signs of post-partum problems, such as bleeding or vomiting. If your cat is having problems take her to the Vet immediately.

It is also important that you, family members and other pets leave her alone, your cat and her kittens should be in a quiet part of your house. You can stop by to check up on them, but let your cat come to you for attention. And, make sure the room is warm enough, chilling temperature can be harmful to the kittens.

For more information about caring for newborn kittens, click here.

Finding homes for the kittens

This is a very sensitive time, for your cat and for you as well. It time to find a good home for your kittens, so be sure to do your homework before sending them away. We recommend that your find a home for your kittens before they are born. You can ask friends and family if they would like to adopt one or more kittens, utilize social media communities or even contact your local pet adoption center.

It will take a little work, but we are sure you will find good homes for your kittens!

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