The Day I Accepted The Fact My Cat Wants To Murder Me

by Jimmy Jo Johnson
(Claremore Ok USA) was an average day, with average duties I preformed at work n was preparing to go to bed when I noticed Lucifer, my black Siamese adopted son with fur was looking at me, not looking so much at me but thru me, like he would neiborhood dogs that made the misfortune of barking to loud...Ole Lucy would simply go from his perch on his window, mildly perturbed his bath was inturupted prematurley and slither out his rubber door cutout in the almost hissy growl would be the only thing I'd hear as he shot out out into the blackness of the night, up a tree over a tin roofed shed, claws sunk into that poor sod of a bassett hound's snout b4 I could ask Mr. Crowley to stop n think about his actions....and off Rosco would flee as he sought shelter from the raining blows my Lucifer would hurl upon him...(as I'm writing this, I've noticed Lucy is looking at me again, I need to tent to his bidding b4 I upset him again..I'll confess more of my plight of anyone wants to be burdened with it, just let me know)

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