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Cat books are a great gift for cat lovers. There are a large variety of books out there, from fiction to non-fiction. Many of them cover important topics, such as cat health, cat care and behavior. Other books are a source of inspiration, fictional cat tails, poems, quotes, and more.

Books about cats are an excellent source of information for cat lovers who want to learn more about cats, especially if they are new to having a cat as a pet.

Cats always fascinated us, and there's always something new to learn about them. Cat books sure make a great gift!

We selected a few books just for you. Enjoy!

Cat Health

Cat health books can help you to learn about the most common health concerns, diseases and how to prevent and treat them. Although, they don't replace a visit to your vet's office. Should your cat became ill, be sure to take your cat to the vet's office for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Cat Care

Learning about caring for a cat is very important, especially if you are thinking about adopting your first cat or kitten.

ASPCA Complete Guide to Cats: Everything You Need To Know About Choosing and Caring for Your Pet, by James Richards - Amazon Book Review by Joss Delage

"This book is a must have for anyone considering being adopted by a cat (don't fool yourself on who owns who...) It's full of good information, most of which will not loose any relevance as time goes by. It also includes a very well illustrated "catalog" of breeds, which is a great help to decide which kind of cat you want to cede your house to.

As it is published by the ASPCA, it also has a fairly strong and opinionated editorial stance, which is something I found refreshing & courageous. (For example, they clearly are against not neutering your cat, buying from a pet store, and to a lesser extent letting your cat go out by themselves.)

All and all, a very complete yet fun to read book, which manages to pack a lot of info & beautiful pictures in a tight format."

Cat Behavior

In addition to learning about cat health and cat care, it is also important that you understand your cat's behavior.

Cat v. Cat: Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat, by Pam Johnson-Bennett - Amazon Book Review by Gucci

This book was very helpful because I have four cats! I helped me to
find ways to understand my cats and the tips to ease the stress
among them were very helpful too. I am glad I bought it and will
continue reading it."

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