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Welcome to the Cute Cat Photos Gallery! From just a few weeks old to adulthood cats steal our hearts. We've selected a few cute cat photos just for you, cat lovers. Enjoy!

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(By: Luci -

This is Pita, our first cat! She is a six year old tuxedo cat, that loves to play, bird watch and tuna treats.

(By: Luci -

Tiger is our second cat! He loves to play with us and with his big sister. His favorite place is the sunroom where he can watch birds and squirrels all day.

(Source: Flickr/captainpancakes)

(Source: Flickr/gigijin)

"Cats are glorious creatures ~ who must on no accounts be underestimated...Their eyes are fathomless depths of cat-world mysteries." - Lesley Anne Ivory

(Source: Flickr/Shayan)

(Source: Flickr/nicsuzor)

"The smallest feline is a masterpiece." - Leonardo Da Vinci

(By: Mary Jo)

Click on the above picture to read about Powderpuff.

(By: Dmytro)

Our friend Dmytro shared this photo with us. His cat's name is Stepan. Stepan was found in the village Stepanovka and rescued by Dmytro and his family. They love him very much!

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Everyday is beautiful

Blu is a very friendly affectionate 1 year old male. He loves the outdoors and likes to sleep in the rabbit pen. He brings presents home to me but not …

10 week old Oscar. He loves to cuddle, hang on the dogs tail, eat people food, throw tantrums when he doesn’t get his was and most of all loves to hide. …

The Nibbler 
The Nibbler was 1 of 3 kittens born to a pair of farm cats. We took him in as a kitten and he is the friendliest little bugger around. His curiosities …

Funny cat cute running 
This is my first pet. It is so funny, and I treat him like a human. It is male cat - I mean male human :)

Casey was a domestic short hair. Basically, a house cat; but he loved to roam in the yard and catch field mice, which he would bring home for us as presents. …

Bowie is my angel rescue cat she has owned me for about a year now and has me right where she wants me. Over a period of 3 months she taught me many tricks …

Ishy (eee-she) 
Our cat is a Himalayan and Ragdoll mix. He is 7 years old and adorable. My fiance and I are getting married and so we took this photo of Ishy with our …

Elenitsa Not rated yet
1 year female Cyprus cat. She is adorable!

Ariel Not rated yet
Ariel came into my life when she was just 8 weeks old. I went to the pet shop I had always wanted a kitten. The pet shop owner keeps trying to convince …

Ariel Not rated yet
Ariel came into my life when she was just 8 weeks old.I went to a pet shop I had always wanted a kitten. When I arrived the pet shop owner tried to …

Sherbet Not rated yet
Sherbet is a 1 year old female indoor cat that thinks she’s a dog! Likes to play fetch with her toy mouse and returns it by your feet everytime.

Bucca Not rated yet
Lazy 3 year old that’s had a hip operation but is now learning to jump again. Little tubby from the love of treats that now her hip works has to be moved …

Perry and Leo Not rated yet
Perry and Leo are red Ragdolls. They are six and a half months of age. They live in sunny Bournemouth. Perry is on the left and is a bit of a cheeky …

Mylo Not rated yet
Smart gentle very beautiful Persian cat , loves to be cuddled and always around showing how cute he can get . Goes on walk only on leash .

Merry Not rated yet
This cute kitteh is a sweet little Siamese ball of love, although we consider it to be a dog as it always plays and follows you for more and more snuggles. …

Marbles the Monkey Cat aka "MC@" Not rated yet
Marbles is my little baby foster, turned permanent buddy. His "adopter" chose to move on without him but we've given him his complete forever home. From …

Gizmo "Gizzy" and Carmelo "Carmel" Not rated yet
This is my cat Gizmo (grey) and his brother Carmelo (orange) who were rescued by 2 little boys and bottle fed. They are sweethearts and so gentle with …

Casey Not rated yet
We got Casey when he was just a kitten, but he soon became a part of our life. As we watched him grow we found that he had special ways of showing his …

Einstein and Jersey  Not rated yet
I just adopted these little guy's about 2 months ago out of rescue/ foster care. They had to be bottle fed for awhile. They are brothers and Linda Buchanan …

Tigger Not rated yet
19 years old have had her since child hood and she is very well loved she is very smart she can shake hands she sits when told she lays down and do think …

Fluffy Not rated yet
This is a calico cat that was found outside my house and curled up in a ball in a large pot of dirt to keep warm during the water. Since I am an animal …

Julia Not rated yet
She is sweet and adorable

Molly and Aussie Not rated yet
Molly is a female tabby kitten, and her sister Aussie is ginger. They are now three months old and live in Perth, Western Australia.

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Kona Not rated yet
He's fat and loves everyone.

Google Not rated yet
On this picture Google was 4 months old and very intrepid. He wanted to get everywhere.

Juliet - Jules for short Not rated yet
Jules was abandoned as a tiny kitten (almost too tiny!) I found her just crying during a horrible storm. I brought her home and she's here to stay! …

Oliver (an Oriental gentleman) and Maudie (the house beauty, with attitude) Not rated yet
CATS…. They love us but will not show us respect, They understand us but think we are somewhat retarded, They are fastidiously clean yet they leave …

Powderpuff Not rated yet
Powderpuff is a six year old Persian/Scottish Fold mix, but looks totally like a Persian. She's a wonderful companion, quite intelligent, and I've …

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