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Greetings Cat lovers,

Let me tell you a little bit about us! My name is Luci and I want to share my love for cats with everyone!! I grew up around pets, but cats were always a mystery to me. As a teen I was never patient enough to understand them, making it easier for me to love dogs.

In 2005 my husband and I went to get our car checked out at a Saturn dealership and one of the maintenance representative approached us. She whispered "Would you like to see what I have in my office?" and my husband and I looked at her surprised, we were not sure what she was talking about. She made it look like a secret, and we followed her.

When she opened the door, we saw four kittens. They were so tinny, and cute. I couldn't resist... She closed the door behind us and said "I found them outside, and need to find a home for them before my manager finds out what I have here."

I was so happy...I had to take at least one home with me. I felt like a kid again, and after making several promises to my husband and accepting all the responsibilities for the kitten, he said Yes!


We named our kitten Pita!!! and as a first time cat owners we made several mistakes, reason why I want to share what I learned with all cat lovers out there.

Three years ago, I realized that I love cats and wanted to do more for them, so I started to volunteer at rescue organizations that needed additional help. It was during one of the rescuing dates that I found, and fell in love with another kitten. I brought him home and after dwelling over which name to give him, my husband said "he looks like a tiger", and the little kitten looked at him. So there you have it, we named him Tiger!!


It was a lot of work, between rescuing feral cats and finding them good homes, but the feeling of accomplishment was priceless. It made me a better person!

We hope you enjoy our website and also share your experience, questions and photos with us, and cat lovers everywhere!

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Very best,


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"A cat improves the garden wall in sunshine, and the hearth in foul weather." - Judith Merkle Riley

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