Close one for Carol

My cat Carol had 9 kittens very unexpected. I was not keeping an eye on Carol. I didn't even notice the large lump on Carols' stomach. If you have a female cat and have suspicions of pregnancy. Don't ignore. Take her to the vets to get her checked.

Back to Carol... Carol one day was giving birth to 9 kittens !!! It was tough for me and Carol through these staged 9 kittens to care for !! We were overjoyed that all 9 survived. But Carol didn't .. We were all upset and devastated. And the new born kittens had no mother to feed them or to protect them. Carol was dead .. We prayed for a miracle. Without Carol the kittens would die. We kept our hope up for Carol. But we soon gave up. That one phone call I cherish for life.. It was the vets !! Carol was up and running again !! ( but not a as simple ) because Carol had lost a leg due to pain in pregnancy and birth.

But now Carol is healthier than ever and her kittens right by her side .. And call me crazy .. But yes we did keep all nine kittens ! This was to much of a miracle to just pass them on like a teddy bear.

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