A Cat in My Lap, by Karen Boxell

I know I have a lot to do,
So many things -- see them through.
There are clothes to clean, grass to mow,
Cookies to bake, seeds to sow.
But I really can't do all these things in a snap.

Because you see, there's a cat in my lap.

He stretches and rolls and gives me a wink
From his sleepy gold eyes -- just a small blink.

I smooth his long tail and tickle his tummy.
He yawns and purrs to tell me that's yummy.
The telephone rings. The paperboy taps.
No move do I make. There's a cat in my lap.

Bright sunlight dances across the floor
To warm my small friend just a bit more.
A happy prisoner am I in my chair --
Some moments of peace -- not a care.
I think I'll take a little nap.
With this soft, furry ball, a cat in my lap!

By Karen Boxell

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