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Missing My Cat: Dealing with Loss Nearly a Year Later

I had to put my cat to sleep last year. It tore me up inside, and despite months passing - it feels like a year, but is about 9 months - and adopting a

Continue reading "Missing My Cat: Dealing with Loss Nearly a Year Later"

Stealth Cat

Stealth Cat I am a small Calico cat Everyone knows me as the “Big Brat” When animals see me, they know

Continue reading "Stealth Cat"


This cute kitteh is a sweet little Siamese ball of love, although we consider it to be a dog as it always plays and follows you for more and more snuggles

Continue reading "Merry"

TO Midnight.

You have to try and remember, Mid, You're a Cat and not a Kitten ! Your bones are brittle Your muscles are thin Your teeth are going, You really can't

Continue reading "TO Midnight."

Funny Cats Compilation

Cats are the cutest thing on earth, they will always make us laugh. This video is a compilation of cats falling in water, having fun, doing ingenious things

Continue reading "Funny Cats Compilation"

Lanai Cat Sanctuary

The PurrFect Place to visit for Cat Lovers. The Sanctuary helps minimize the Growing population of Stray & Feral Cats roaming on the Island. Today

Continue reading "Lanai Cat Sanctuary"

My Cats Hate Christmas

My 5 cats hate Christmas. The only thing they do enjoy about it is the opportunity to destroy the tree. Yet I'm still determined to spread the holiday

Continue reading "My Cats Hate Christmas"

Caught in the act - cat doesn't care

Cat starts messing up the closet.

Continue reading "Caught in the act - cat doesn't care "

Soccer Kittens

I'm a part-time rescuer hoping to create awarness. The proceeds from this website will go directly to local and national shelters and rescue groups who

Continue reading "Soccer Kittens"

Suddenly Misty- A Love Story

Hi, I'm a personal trainer who trains a lady with cats, Misty and Latte. They are gorgeous and hilarious. At the end of our sessions I always take cat

Continue reading "Suddenly Misty- A Love Story"

Cat Mop 1000

How cat Myloe TV is a very cool cat, will try almost anything to get attention. One of his favorite activities is being groomed by the vacuum or spinning

Continue reading "Cat Mop 1000"

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