BOOTS was so lovable every day-
WE miss her terribly since she passed away-
NOW a memory of times that have past-
HER days with us -her memories last-


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Jun 10, 2017
A loved but lost pet.
by: James C. Donovan: Seattle. Wa.

I could not agree more with your poem about a lost cat.
I too, lost a beloved cat called mittens because of her white paws.
I will share with you, my poem about my lost cat:

Today I looked up in the sky
and prayed to God to ask Him why
my precious cat had passed away.
Was it just to teach me how to pray?

'It was just a cat', my friends tell me
'You'll get another one, you'll see, '
But what other pet could e'er replace
my own sweet cat's bewhiskered face?

What cat could imitate his purr
when lovingly I stroked his fur?
What other cat could e'er reside
within my heart and by my side?

Could another cat give me such joy
when I watched him playing with a toy?
Would a different cat give me such bliss
when he gave me his sandpaper kiss?

I know a cat's life is all too brief
but when he dies it causes grief
it makes you wonder through your pain.
'Could I ever love a cat again?

In time you'll find another who
will win your heart and love you too.
He will become a treasured friend
and help your grieving heart to mend.

But you will never quite forget
That special cat, who was your pet
and so to God you humbly pray.
'In cat heaven, please let him stay'

And let him know that I will be
his friend throughout eternity
and he will always be just that,
my much beloved, remembered cat.

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