Cats & Kittens with CH

by Alexis Opsal

Sometimes CH cats and kittens are overlooked. Actually, they are very special cats that never give up. The only difference between CH cats and 'regular' cats is that they have a harder time performing normal tasks, such as eating and going to the litter box.

CH is not contagious, and is determined at birth, meaning a cat cannot pick it up later in life. CH cats usually live a long life, and have no idea they're different.

It's important to never declaw you're CH cat or kitten. They depend on their claws to get traction. Without their claws, they can't move around because they use their claws to grip the ground.

CH kitties are a cute and quirky companion. They require a little more work, but make excellent friends since they don't have a tendency to jump on counters and sit on your face... unless he/she is a mild CH kitty, then they might!

Degrees of CH range mild to severe. Mild kitties are usually able to be mobile, and can perform most 'normal' tasks.

Moderate cats have a slight difficulty doing tasks, such as eating and going to the litter box, but they're still able to move around with a little difficulty.

Severe kitties have a hard time moving, if at all. They require a bit more work, but they're very sweet and don't understand they're different.

So that's a bit about CH kittens and cats! If you're willing to take care of a quirky little feline with CH, this'll be a life-long decision that you won't regret!

Pixabay Image Credit: CMEPinky

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