Mother Cat

by Carrie Lowrance

Brand new mother
Happy as can be
With four little babies huddled beside me
Hear my owner's parents talking
Their foreign language
Fills my heart with burden
And I am slowly learning
That my children will be given away
Only to fill some human's glee
One by one they'll be taken away
Depriving me
Hoping to see them again one day
Grown and proud
One day

A big pillow
A cushioned chair with legs
A fluffy comforter
A couch potato
A coma
The spring on a pogo stick
An annoying fire alarm
A little kid who gets into everything
A pill with codeine in it

Carrie Lowrance is the author of Mother Cat and Cat. You can find both poems in her book, The Safety Of Objects. Digital version is available through Smashwords, Barnes&Noble, ibooks, Kobo, and other fine ebook retailers. Print version available through Amazon and Createspace. Carrie is a cat lover who adores her faithful companion, Colin.

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