3 Cat Chores That Fill Owners With Terror

Cats are wonderful creatures. They enrich our lives, they make us happier, they -

Okay, enough preamble. It’s safe to assume that if you’re here, you’re well aware of the wonder that is the feline species.

Most of us love cats for their striking nature, their complete perfect personalities in a furry shell. They are unique, fascinating creatures who very much know what they want from their staff - sorry, owners - and like to think that they’re in charge. We’re okay with that, surprisingly, and most of us serve happily. Cats are just the best. Except for when they’re being - well… the worst.

Sometimes, your delightful bundle of fur who only the morning before was curling on your lap and blinking at you with a look of pure love, turns into a far more difficult-to-handle proposition…

Trimming Claws

So you want to trim your cat’s claws. Well done! You’re brave. Even if your cat has access to numerous scratching posts, there’s still a chance their claws will need the occasional trim. So well done you. A+ on the cat ownership front.

The Reality: “Give me your paw, honey,” you begin. The cat looks at you with sheer disdain. They’re not giving you their paw. “Okay I’m going to take the paw.” Your cat immediately snatches their paw back. By the time you have repeated this process 50 times, you’ve lost half an hour and you’re both in a grump with one another!


Flea and Worm Treatments

Well, these are necessary aren’t they? Right up there in Cat Care 101; every owner needs to ensure their feline friend is protected against fleas and worms. That’s why we take our time sourcing the best flea treatment for cats and learning about the different wormers we need for each species of worm. We’re prepared - time to make that puss healthier!

The Reality: The spot-on treatments are kind of okay, your cat supposes. They don’t like them - and be prepared to be on the receiving end of a sulk - but it’s not too bad. The pills, on the other hand? Yeah, you’re going to be there awhile. A very, very long while. By the time you get the pill where it needs to go, your cat is going to be furious, you’re going to be covered in scratches from whirling claws, and neither of you are ever going to want to do this again. But you have to… the countdown to the next dose starts now!


Bath Time

Most cats don’t need to be bathed often; they tend to take care of that themselves. If your cat has gotten themselves dirty, however, then it’s time to run the shower and prepare for battle.

The Reality: The yowling. Oh, so very much yowling, enough to make the neighbors wonder what exactly you’re doing to the poor feline. You could try and explain you’re just trying to keep them clean, but no one is going to believe a cat can make that much of a racket just from a little water. You grit your teeth and mutter to Puss about how necessary this is, all the while knowing that they’re furious but there’s not much they can do about it. Except yowl, of course! 

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