4 Tips in Choosing the Perfect Cat Food for Your Feline

Not all cats enjoy eating whatever cat food is placed in front of them. Felines with picky appetites are difficult to please; if your kitty is one of them, then you know the struggle of trying to get your cat to eat. If you still haven’t figured out your cat’s tastes, then you’re probably approaching the problem all wrong. There are several strategies to know what cat food your pet prefers, and they work far better than forcing your feline to eat one brand. The 4 easiest known tips are listed below:

Ask Your Vet for Suggestions

When in doubt, always ask the professionals for help. Veterinarians are experts in all things pet-related, and they will definitely know what type of food suits your feline’s diet. Sharing your concerns with your vet will help them find kibble that your cat will like. Your vet will tell you which ingredients to avoid and which cat food brands whet your feline’s appetite. Bringing your cat along during the visit also helps. Your vet can do a quick checkup to see if your pet is allergic to any cat food ingredient.

Consider Your Cat’s Age

It’s important to take note of the age indicators written on cat food packaging. The formula of cat food intended for kittens, adult cats, and senior cats differ. Each stage in your feline’s life requires a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to ensure that your pet stays healthy. For a better understanding, here are the specifics of what your feline needs at each stage:

Kitty stage: Give your kitten a diet with high protein and fat. These help develop your pet’s bones, teeth, and muscles. Since kittens are more active than adult cats, they convert their calories into energy quicker.

Adult stage: Being overweight during this stage is a serious problem for cats, so make sure that you’re feeding your pet a low-calorie diet. A cat also starts experiencing common health issues like arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes at this stage. If your adult feline starts showing symptoms of any health problem, visit the vet and ask for the right diet to help your cat.

Senior stage: An aging cat is less active and won’t exert as much energy compared to the younger ones. At this stage, it’s important to provide your pet with a low-fat diet that will keep it healthy. It’s better to find cat food that has digestible proteins to ease the burden on your cat’s kidneys.

Don’t Just Stick to Dry Food 

Even though dry food is cheaper than canned wet food, sticking to one type can bore your cat. Picky cats like to see variety in their meals. If they keep getting the same stuff every day, they’ll stop eating it. Dry food is convenient and all, but sometimes treating your cat to wet food will improve its appetite. In fact, you can mix dry and wet cat food together to make a scrumptious meal for your pet.

Do Your Research

Before you are swayed into buying well-known cat food brands, it’s good to do your research first. Even if some pet owners swear by a certain brand, there are several popular cat foods that have failed to pass certain tests (e.g. ingredients test and quality control). These brands tend to use poor-quality ingredients or try to sell themselves as “holistic” or “organic brands”. Other brands have a bad history with quality control, which caused a product recall a few years back. Read everything you can about them and don’t be fooled by their advertising. 

In the End, Your Cat (Still) has the Final Say 

It’s going to be tough finding the right cat food for a picky feline. Because of how cats generally act, they’ll only be interested in something if it passes their liking. However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up. When your pet is fed up with the food it’s eating, go over the above mentioned techniques again. There will always be a way to feed your picky-eater.


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