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There are several cat flea treatments and products available today. Here you will find the most popular products and which ones worked best for us.

Keep in mind that certain products also present danger to your cat's health, so in case you are not sure which product to use, be sure to contact your Vet.

Remember, your cat's safety comes first.

Cat owners must read the manufacturer's instructions and follow the product instructions on how to use or apply any medication. And, always check if a product is safe to use on kittens, pregnant or nursing cats if treating such animals. Again, cats are potentially at risk of toxic effects from certain insecticides.

Also, do not assume you can use an insecticide for dogs on cats. Cats and dogs have a very different physiology and metabolic pathways, so the treatment used on dogs is highly toxic to cats. If you have a dog and you apply any kind of insecticide be sure your cat will not have contact with these products. Be sure to limit your cat's exposure to these products to prevent side effects.

Keep the package of the products you used. If your cat shows any side effects from the product you applied, be sure to contact your Vet immediately, and bring the product package with you, so your Vet can determine the proper treatment for your feline friend.

There are several types of flea and other pest treatments out there, but they are not all equally effective and consequently there are advantages and disadvantages associated with each one of them.

Spot-on products simply refers to the method of application. Meaning, it refers to the method of applying drops directly to the skin at the back of the neck, at the base of the skull or between your cat's shoulder blades.

Always read the manufacturer's instructions, not just application but their recommendations post-application. Most manufacturers recommend preventing cats from grooming themselves or each other until the product has fully dried.

Again, not all spot-on products are the same. Some contain insecticides that will only kill adult fleas, others will interrupt the development of fleas, killing only eggs. So, before you purchase any product you need to learn about their properties and functions.


Most popular spot-on cat flea treatment

Advantage (Bayer)
Contains imidacloprid and pyriproxifen, which affects the central nervous system of fleas causing their paralysis and death. It also kills flea eggs and flea larva.This product requires monthly application.

Advantage Multi (Bayer)
This cat flea treatment requires monthly application. It treats fleas, control three types of worms and parasites (roundworm, hookworm and shipworm), treat and control ear mites, and also prevents heartworm disease. Contains imidacloprid. No grooming until it dries.

Frontline (Merial)
Contains fipronil, which affects nerve activity in fleas, it also kills flea eggs and larvae, ticks and lice. Monthly application.

Frontline Plus Spot-on (Merial)
This cat flea treatment also requires monthly application. It contains fipronil, which affects nerve activity in fleas, ticks and chewing lice, effectively killing them. Prevents the multiplication of fleas by inhibiting the development of eggs, larvae and pupae originating from eggs laid by adult fleas.

Spot-on products are easy to use and painless. There are other spot-on products available, although the efficacy and safety are less certain. See your Vet if you think your cat has a serious condition, and protect your cat monthly.

Additional Cat Flea Treatments

Cat Flea Collars
These collars are used for the prevention of fleas. They have a large concentration of pesticide which will kill adult fleas. We used this treatment option on our cats and for our surprise neither of them liked it. It did not cause any allergy or irritation around their necks, but they tried to remove the collar and in the process they ingested peaces of it. They had several stomach issues and after several visits to the Vet they recovered from this bad experience. If you need to combat flea infestation or prevent flea infestation, you should try treatments that will not endanger the health and safety of your feline friend.

Flea Powders and Sprays
In addition to the cat flea treatments we mentioned, there are several powders and sprays available. These products can be applied to your cat, home, and car. Be sure to use these products as directed by the manufacturer, or it can cause harm to your feline friend. Today you may find products that are pet friendly and contain non-harmful chemicals.

Oral Treatments and Injections
There are different oral treatment products out there. Some of these cat flea treatments are designed to prevent the development of flea eggs into larvae, and others to kill adult fleas. There are also injections that your Vet can administer for flea control in cats.

This is an effective long-term flea control, such programs for cats work in the prevention and control of flea infestation. It works by inhibiting the development of flea eggs laid by adult female fleas. Although, in order for this product to work the fleas must first bite your cat. Both products are best used as preventive measure against fleas on your cat.

Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Shamp & Cond Kit 2/16oz - $23.99

Shampoo & conditioner have 70% organic ingredients, neem oil & other natural herbs to help repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes & more.

If your kitten is too young to receive any of the treatments listed above, you can help your feline friend by combing it daily and bathing your kitten once a week (warm water and non-chemical flea treatment soap). When we adopted our kittens, unfortunately, they both had fleas and we were able to prevent flea infestation by simply combing and bathing them. Of course you will also need to vacuum your home and wash their beds until there are no more fleas.

Again, you should always consult your Vet for more details about preventing and eliminating fleas and other pests.

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