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Why does cat scratch? Scratching is part of cats natural behavior and instinct. Cats will scratch places and objects to mark its territory and to show happiness. Iit provides an excellent stretching and a good foot exercise for your cat.

There are several scratching posts and towers available out there that cats will use to scratch, and will leave your furniture and other objects in your house alone. You can also purchase environmental friendly sprays that will repel your cat from scratching your furniture.

AMZ cat scratch pad

Cats will also scratch when they feel threatened by other pets, humans or even objects. You should consider the cause of your cat's aggression and solve the issue. Do not punish your cat for having a natural reaction against a threat.

If you worry that your cat may scratch your kids or other pets in your house, you should consider a cat claw cover.

AMZ cat claw covers

In addition to cat claw covers, there are other simple solutions available for you and your cat. The most popular is the scratching post, which come in several sizes and shapes.

The best way to encourage scratching on the post is by playing with dangle-toys on or near the post. You can also add catnip to the cat post to stimulate your cat. Be sure to use praise and food rewards when the cat scratches the post.

Remember, the goal is to establish acceptable scratching habits by getting your cat to prefer a scratching post rather than your furniture.

Click here to learn how to build a carpet-covered cat tree with a scratching post tower.

If your cat is scratching a particular piece of furniture, we suggest that you place the scratching post or tower in front of it, and gradually move the post to the location you intend to place. Be sure to spend some time playing with your cat, you must show your cat that the scratching post and/or tower is the place he or she can use to scratch.

Also, make sure you clip your cat's nails once a week. There are several types of cat clippers available out there, and they are easy to use. To get the claw to come out you will need to gently squeeze your cat's paw. Make sure you cut only the tip of the nail, and not too deep or you will cut the blood vessels and nerves, causing your cat pain and bleeding.

AMZ cat clippers kit

Be sure to start clipping your cat's nails at a young age. Your cat will learn that this is part of his grooming time, and will allow you to do it. Remember to praise your cat during the trimming, and to reward him afterwards with a treat.

So, after considering all the facts and damage that declawing can cause your cat, please don't declaw your cat.

Having a cat is accepting this beautiful and loving animal as a given, and he/she depends on you. We believe that you, your family and cat can have a healthy and joyful life together without such a cruel procedure.

For more information about cat training, click here.

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