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In addition to your cat's body and facial expressions, cats also communicate with you and other pets by making sounds. Cats can make several different sounds and each one of them can mean something different.

Here we will interpret just a few basic sounds that your cat may use in order to get her point across.

The Meow

Cats will make different meow sounds to emphasize different wants and needs. To better understand the meaning of your cat's meow you should first consider the context of it.

Normally, the mewl is common for kittens, but adult cats will also make this sound. When your adult cat mewls, she can be telling you that she is getting hungry, that she wants some affection or even that she is not feeling well. Again, you should take into account the factors that could be the cause of your cat's sounds.

Next, a short and soft meow can simply be telling you "hi, what's up!," or "I need some attention, can we play?" It is also common for cats to make multiple soft meow when you return from being gone, they are telling you that they missed you and that they are glad you are back.

If your cat makes a mid pitch meow, she can be telling you that she is hungry or that she wants a treat. You will know for sure that they are hungry if they lead you towards the kitchen or the place where you keep their treats. Cats may also make a mid pitch meow facing a window or a door, in this case they are telling you that they want to go outside.

Cats will also make a loud meow, which means that they are very hungry or that they want to get out of a room, car or cat carrier.

The Purrr

Most of us believe that cats will only purr when they are happy, but your cat can be also telling you something else. If your cat purrs slowly and has a relaxed posture, she is telling you that she is happy and wants some petting.

But, if your cat purrs louder and you see her tail moving she is telling you that she is done with petting and just want to be near you.

Sometimes a cat will also purr when you give a treat, that also means that she is happy and will enjoy the snack.

Cats will also purr when they are scared of something or feeling threatened. My male cat will purr louder when I take him from a higher spot, like from the top of the refrigerator or from the top of my kitchen cabinet. He will purr loud until I safely place him on the ground.

The Hiss

This is probably the easiest sound to understand. Cats will hiss when they are mad about something or that they are scared. Your cat may be telling you that she feels threatened or that she is about to engage into a fight with another pet or human.

Another sound you cat may make when she gets really mad is the growl sound. If your cat starts to growls at you or at other pet, you must live her alone. If there is no one there with your cat, you should take a look and see what is making your cat so mad.

There are two other sounds that are quiet common among cats:

1. Cats will make the yowl sound, which is a louder and elongated version of the cat meow sound. If your cat start to yowl, he/she is telling you that she is being ignored, feeling ill or when he/she is in breeding condition.

2. Cats will make a distinctive clicking noise when they are tracking its prey or while they watch birds from a window. Cats are actually trying to imitate the sound of their prey, which normally are birds and rodents. Although, instinctively cats will make the same clicking sound while playing with their toys.

Remember, it is important to talk with your feline friend. Cats learn many things by the way your voice sounds. They know when you are happy, sad or even mad at them or at someone by the ton of your voice. Talking with your cats should always be fun and enjoyable.

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