A Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat

A Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat

A new cat does depend on you as it's owner for everything. Much like a new baby would, your pet cat will need you to help them with lots of things from day to day. As well as a source of providing for them and a source of comfort. While cats can be pretty independent, they do like to have a sense of security and enjoy being at home and feeling safe. So as their owner, you need to be able to provide these things. When you have a happy and healthy cat, you will know about it!

Cat Essentials

I’m sure you will know a lot of these things are required when it comes to getting a pet cat, as some items are a must. Your cat needs food and water bowls, as well as good quality food. It might take a few different brands of food to get the one that works best for them, so don’t be afraid to try a few out. Your cat will also need a litter tray, as well as things like a carrier, ID tags, and hopefully, a nice comfortable cushion or bed for them to rest on.

Cats do like to be sociable, though, so do look to get them some toys to play with too. It could be balls, soft toys filled with catnip or simply a scratching post. But if you are out of the house for a lot of the day, then plenty of toys are a good way to get a happy and healthy cat.

Look Out For Pests

Unless you have a cat that only likes to stay indoors, then the chances of your cat wandering outside can be pretty high. The only problem with that is that is that it exposes them to a whole heap of new things. From ticks to fleas, they can all be picked up when they are out exploring, and especially when coming into contact with other animals. So grooming your cat regularly is a good idea. Then if you spot any issues with your cat, you can deal with it as and when it arises. Look out for the best flea treatment and other ways to tackle it, and you’ll have a happy and healthy cat back in no time.

See a Vet

As with any new pet, a trip to the vet is a good idea. You can even get holistic vets these days, so there is something to suit everyone’s tastes and needs. Your cat should have a regular checkup with a vet, as well as yearly checks. Look into the kind of medication or vaccinations they might need, and how to deal with that when it comes along. With lots of comfort, your cat should be fine.

Most of all, you need to think of your cat as a new member of the family. Would you leave the toilet bowl to be dirty for days on end? No! So why should the cat litter be any different? Little things like that will help your cat to settle right in, and it will make a difference to their health and their happiness.

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