A helpful new resource for advertising lost cats

by Robert Clarke
(Huddersfield, United Kingdom)

It's a very stressful time when your cat goes missing. One of the first things you'll do is make flyers and share pictures of your cat on social networks.

LampNote is a new website that aims to make it quick and easy to create, share and discover local notices. LampNote is a stylish online poster that can be created in minutes. Simply enter your text, upload a picture of your cat, and choose your target area.

Spreading the word

LampNote is designed to be a one stop shop for getting your message out there. Of course, you can share your missing cat poster using all the usual social networks. However, you'll probably want to let your neighbours know using posters or flyers. We make that easy too. When printed, LampNotes are formatted as posters containing both a short web address and a QR code, so anyone who finds your poster can easily get it to online.

No matter who sees your notice they will always be able to get back in touch with you through your online notice. They don't even have to be a LampNote user to reply, though we will make them confirm their email address when replying to try and prevent spammers. This means that you no longer need to pass your contact details around in plain view when sharing information about your missing cat.

We'll also make it easy for other LampNote users to find your missing cat ad. Users browsing the site are prompted for their address or postal code and then see a “virtual notice board” including all notices targeted at that area. Users who have signed up for email alerts will be instantly notified when notices targetting their home or work address are posted.

Last, but not least, we'll make sure your notice can be seen by all the major search engines. This isn't a private community or a social network, we want as many people as possible to see your notice.

Cool, when can I use it?

LampNote is live now. We've initially been focused on the United Kingdom, but the site works for any location in the world. People are already using the site to advertise missing cats like Hugo from Lancashire.

Please get in touch. The site is new and under constant development, so we're always interested in the opinions of cat lovers!

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