Advantages and Disadvantages of Cat Boarding

by Mike Warner
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia )

Keep in mind that cats don’t really like to travel. If you do take your cat along with you, you might spend most of the time looking for them. So why waste your vacations looking for your missing pet when you can just leave them safely in a place where they can make new friends and have great time while you’re gone. And  sure you wouldn’t want to trouble your friend by giving them this responsibility. Cats take a long period of time to get adjusted in a particular place. Unlike dogs, cats can be a little cranky and hard to manage and not everyone can easily take care of a cat in their own house. Thus there are chances that the cat will again try to run away from your friend’s house because they know it’s not their own house. This whole situation could be a burden for you as well as for your friend and for your pet cat too.

So, there lies the best solution to send your loving pet cat to a trusted and qualified cat kennel. Cat kennel owner assures you the best security measures that your cat will have.  There is no need to worry as the people in these boards are trained to take good care of your cats. The people who take care of your cats are also the ones who love them. So this makes the situation less complicated and tension free for you.

Well, you will obviously want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages in sending your pets here and not to your parents or friend’s house. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • While you are gone, there is special personal training given to your cat and reinforcements are given for desired behaviors and they are closely watched at all times. Individual attention is given to each cat at the boarding to make sure they are fine with their routine habits.

  • They will not have to go through any “travel trauma” because they are not going to be transported elsewhere.   This gives them a homely feeling and adapt to the place more easily.

  • Since it is a cats only boarding, the exposure to other illness and infections are reduced. The precautions for parasites are always taken care of.

  • If any vaccination is needed, the kennels have expert veterinary doctors to handle the situation.

  • Since the cats take time to get used to this new environment, small games and activities are given to them to keep them fit and also give them the impression that this place is safe.

  •  It is recommended to bring your own cats food to avoid any loss of appetite. Wet or dry foods are also given if requested. They will be adequately provided with water at regular timings.

  • Normal condos accommodate up to one to four cats. If your cat is comfortable with his/her other furry friends, the suites can be connected.

  • Once the cats get used to this new setting, they are let out and are allowed to spend some quality time outside their condos.  The playtime depends on how many cats are in the boarding and how many are willing to come out of their condos.

  • In case your cat becomes ill while you are away, they are immediately checked and the required medication is given to them in no time.

  • The cats are regularly groomed and are watched for flees. This is one of the major precautions taken in these places.

  • In case of any emergency, trained professionals are aware of appropriate steps which are to be followed during such times.

Now that are you are fully aware of all the steps and precautions taken by the board to take care of your cat, it is very important to talk to the person in charge in the kennel  and discuss your concerns face to face. This gives you a great opportunity to go out and enjoy your break, without having to worry about your cat because they will be in great hands.

Hope you like the about mentioned information about cat boarding. If you want to know more then go here and get some useful information. 

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