An Old Cats Dream

by James Donovan
(Seabeck, Wa. 98380)

I wonder what life would be like if cats could rule the world.
Would they set up a democracy and have their flag unfurled?

Would they create an agency that eliminated all the mice.
What about their need to hunt, would that make them think twice?

Would they make laws to banish cars that run over all the pets,
But what about the shelter vans that take them to the vets?

Should they raise a mighty army to capture all the birds
But then they'd never hear them sing; they'd never hear a word.

Should they enlist a human to run their ship of state
But what if he neglected them and endangered all their fate?

Should they establish holidays to honor girls and boys
Who pamper them and play with them and give them many toys?

But what about the grown-ups who feed them every day?
"If we don't show some love for them will they make us go away?"

Should cats enact a set of laws that proclaim all felines free?
To just be chased by dogs and made to climb up every tree?

A wise cat knows that things could be much different than they are but wishing for these other dreams Is like reaching for the stars.

So this old cat will stop his dreaming and decide to let things be and stay within the bosom of his human family.

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