Bad behaviour or health issues?

by Jackob Oram
(London, UK)

Although an age-long debate continues to rage on over which is the most popular animal between canines and felines, the latter offers grace and elegance that can be appreciated and enjoyed by any owner.

Kittens, adults and mature cats offer friendly companionship through continuous affection to their owner and a playful nature which can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors. Their subtle, agile movements and glowing coat are strong characteristics of a cat that can provide the perfect pet for any child or adult who are willing to take on full responsibility for its well-being.

As part of establishing a form of relationship and bond, owners should train their cat to understand what is considered as good and bad behaviour when they are inside the house. This helps to generate an understanding that allows an owner to take care of their pet to the best of their ability without any behavioural issues.

Creating an understanding of where the litter tray is positioned is important to the overall cleanliness of a home. Although owners should provide an adequate home through bedding, toys and scratching posts, allowing their cat to urinate and excrete whilst sat in a tray placed indoors can ensure that all bodily functions are made possible.

Finding puddles of urine on a household floor can be considered an accident, but there may be an underlining reason for why a cat did not urinate in their litter tray.

Feline pets can suffer from Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) which could consist of an infection, bladder stones or cystitis within the lower urinary tract. It can cause a cat to pass blood when urinating, or urinate in inappropriate places.

Specialist veterinary practices provide nutritional products that are tailored towards effectively eliminating any form of FLUTD to ensure a cat recovers quickly, can urinate in complete comfort and avoid any accidents from occurring across a house.

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