The Bird Catcher Pro EX Review by Pita Cat

The Bird Catcher Pro EX

Is your cat sleeping all day? Bored and gaining weight? If you answer yes to these questions, you must get The Bird Catcher Pro EX

This toy gets our cats up and running like crazy! Watch our video and see what Pita Cat has to say about it!

The Bird Catcher PRO EX! is an excellent interactive cat toy that supplies exercise for cats and is also retractable for simple storage. We sure love seeing out cats having fun, however we really like the option to easily retract to a size that is easy to store.

It comes with attachments that include an elastic string with a collection of feathers at the end of it. The means that the wand toy moves is very similar to how a bird might fly with the air, which lures a kitty's natural instincts.

Cat Toy Description

Totally Extendable (3 ft - 92cm) / Retractable (8inches - 20cm) cat feather teaser wand! This item has great quality, design and benefit!

If you have ANY feline feather toys (like Da Bird, Go Feline, Bird Catcher) you currently understand how much cats delight in going after feathers! It's every feline's fixation to catch birds.

The Bird Catcher Pro EX has a New compact design that enables you to extend for play time and retract for storage!

They have actually taken the popular Bird Catcher PRO to an entire brand-new level! You can totally extend and retract this feline toy for play and easy storage! Quickly move the 6-part pole out to its complete length of 3 feet or retract it to 8 inches for simple storage!

NO MORE Fiberglass Splinters! Other feather toys were not as tough or resistant like holding a long, lightweight pen without any grip. The shaft would break and trigger fiberglass splinters in the grip OR possibly in the feline's paws and mouth.

Thicker Soft Cushion Purple Grip Gives You Far better Control!

** WARNING!! ** HIDE The Bird Catcher Pro EX when you're not playing. Your cat will watch where you store it and cats figure out how to open closets, drawers, doors just to find it.

Keep your cat happy and healthy with this great toy! Click here to get yours.

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