Is Your Cat Spraying Indoors?

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Cat spraying, also known as marking, occurs when a cat releases a small amount of urine on various surfaces, such as furniture, walls and doorways. In most cases, this is a behavior issue, however, in some cases it could be a sign of illness.

Spraying is commonly seeing among unneutered male cats. It will usually start once the male cat reaches sexual maturity. Cats use their urine to mark their territory, reason why spraying is usually seen among multi-cat households. Remember, you must never punish your cat for spraying.

Their urine contain pheromones, where they use to mark their territory when feeling insecure, to show dominance, as well as to indicate the mating season.

Additional Causes of Cat Spraying

Stress can also be the cause of your cat spraying. As we know, cats are creatures that thrive in consistent and familiar environments. And, they may start to exhibit behavioral changes when their routine are changed.

For more information about feline stress and behavior management, click here.

When Cat Spraying is More Than Behavior Issues

If your cat suddenly begins spraying, it could be a sign of urinary tract disease or other health problem. You should contact your veterinary immediately. Please note, spraying that starts with a physical problem cannot be addressed until the health issue is addressed.

Addressing the Behavior

  • Neutering and spaying your cat at an early age can prevent spraying issues in the future.
  • Contact your veterinarian. He will perform tests in order to determine if spraying is a health related issue or not. Health issues should be ruled out, and addressed before a behavior modification is initiated.

  • If you suspect spraying is stress related, start by eliminating or reducing the source of stress. Be sure to give your cat enough attention and play time. As well as a place to retreat. For more information about cat stress management, click here. Note: it is harder to correct this behavior issue if you have an older unneutered cat.

  • For stress related issues, you can also try to use a friendly pheromone diffuser, sprays and even calming treats.

  • After cleaning up the areas where your cat has marked, you should also place an object in front of the area to make it hard for him to access.
  • If your cat is targeting a particular area, you can also try a mechanical device called SSS Cat™. This is a harmless device, which detects motion and releases air.

Removing The Odor

The best approach is to clean up all areas where your cat has previously sprayed with soap and water. We also recommend that you also wipe with a mixture of white vinegar and water (50/50 solution). Do not use bleach or other disinfectants, they are harmful to cats.

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Additionally, there are several cleaning products available at pet stores and supermarkets, that are designed to remove pet urine odors.

Again, if your cat started to spray around your house, you should consult a veterinarian and rule out any possible health issue prior to addressing your cat's behavior.

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