Best Cat Training Tools

Looking for effective cat training tools? Look no further, here you will find simple and effective ways to train your cat.

Simple aversive cat training tools, include: odors, tastes, sounds, and other methods to correct your cat's behavior. You can pick, choose, and adapt your tools to any situation.

There several pet friendly spays at pet stores, groceries and even online. Make sure to purchase cat repellants that are pet friendly and also proper for fabric, carpet, leather, etc…you don’t want to have yellow spots in your new carpet or sofa, so be sure to do your home work and buy the best product for your home.

In addition to sprays there are also tapes, which can be placed directly at your furniture and carpet (be sure to leave a small sticky area out…cats really do not like sticky stuff). They will try to scratch and chew, but once they touch the sticky surface they will stop going there.

Kittens and cats are very curious, and they may go after cords around your house. Then you should introduce new toys, chewable toys, and remember to give your cat nutritious food.

Another training idea is to give your cat/kitten a straw (use mid-large size straw), to chew and bite. This will keep them busy, safe and away from your stuff.

As we know, cats don't like to get wet. You can also repel your cat from doing something that you disaprove by squirting from a water bottle - or, a blast of canned air.

And finally, if your cat is eating your house plants like my cats did, the only way to make them to stop is actually removing the plant from the area.

Cats have a natural instinct to chew greenery, and that includes your plants. You can try using the pet repellant product the same way you used in your furniture, squirt from a bottle, or a blast of canned air will work.

If your cat is digging in plants, you can cover the soil with aluminum foil or small, rough rocks.

As mentioned above, there are plants that can be extremely toxic to cats, making them sick or even killing them. You can actually purchase grass for your feline, they are largely sold in pet stores and will bring a natural balance to your cat’s diet (if you can't find the cat grass, you can also buy nutritious grass paste, that will help their digestion and with hair balls).

Be sure to give your cat approved outlets for his/hers natural behavior, such as toys, scratching posts and climbing towers - he/she will be less tempted to use your stuff.

Remember, yelling or hitting your cat will not deter the bad behavior, but it will make your cat fearful of you. Instead, concentrate on making your relationship positive, rewarding and playful.

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