Cats and cold weather

by Paul Evans
(United Kingdom)

Even though they are covered in fur, cats and dogs can be very sensitive to the changes that occur in the winter. Pets become accustomed to the warmth and shelter of the indoors, so the cold weather can be very difficult for them. Owners should take the time to give their pets extra care during the winter months.

Tips for Winter Pet Care:

• Pets should be kept indoors as much as possible during the winter. When they do go outside, the owner should stay with them as much as possible. Animals that are left alone in the cold will attempt to find shelter wherever they can. This could lead to them becoming trapped.

• Cats and dogs should always have a supply of fresh drinking water. During the winter, it’s important to check that their water hasn’t frozen. Animals that don’t have a supply of water may start to drink puddles which could contain antifreeze or other chemicals.

• Animals are attracted to the warmth, but fires or heaters can injure them. Owners should watch their pets closely around any heating equipment.

• During the winter, the night can be especially cold. Animals should be given a warm, soft bed to protect them from the drop in temperature.

• Jackets and booties can help protect cats and dogs from the cold. They can be found in a local pet shop. The booties will protect a dog’s paws from ice or salt, and the jacket will help them tolerate the cold for longer.

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