Choose a Good Boarding House for Your Cat

by Mike Warner
(Yarrambat, VIC, Australia, 3091)

Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

It will not be possible all the time to carry your cat along on your trips. At the same time, it may not possible for you to get a familiar face to give your cat to during the trip. In that case, you will find that a cat boarding facility to be the best solution for your needs. There are many cat boarding houses which have luxury facilities including special meals, functions, playhouses and small pools for making the life of the cats comfortable enough.

Request Referrals

You can contact friends and acquaintances who own cats and find out if they have ever used a boarding service. They will be able to inform you about the facilities which they have already availed. You can also ask animal societies and your veterinarian to suggest you some facilities. You will be able to make a list of good boarding facilities this way.

Make Visits

As soon as you have a list of facilities, you can start visiting them one by one.  You need to know if there are trained professionals on the premises at all times. A veterinary service should be available to check the health of the dogs. The professionals need to be thoroughly knowledgeable about cats and the proper care required for different breeds.

  • The place should be completely clean.

  • The enclosures should be spacious and cleaned on a daily basis.

  • Outdoor access for the cats should be limited during bad weather conditions.

  • The temperature should be controlled and optimized for the cats.

Check the Rules

A cat boarding facility will certainly have certain rules in place. You may need to ensure that your cat has been inoculated with the latest vaccinations. You may have to submit the health record of your pet as well. There can be other similar rules that you need to follow in order to get your cat admitted to the boarding.

The Needs of Your Cat

Each cat in the boarding area should have a spacious enclosure to its own. The enclosure should be made convenient with kitty litter pans that are cleaned every day. There should not be any smell of urine in the area at all. There should be an area where your cat is allowed to roam and stretch for some hours of the day.

Opt for Single Enclosures

It is always preferable if you get a single enclosure for your cat. The cat boarding facility should not be putting two or more cats inside the same enclosure. It can put undue stress on your cat when it has to share the space with a stranger. However, if you have two cats which have bonded with each other, you can request the facility to let them bunk together.

The Schedule of the Cats

The facility will certainly have a daily schedule for the cats. With this you will understand when they will provide food to your cat and its frequency. The schedule can also mention what food your cat will receive. You can find out how many hours have been allotted to games and playtime for your cat. There may be a special time allocated to the cat’s training and grooming as well. Some facilities will allow you to make changes to the schedule to ensure the maximum comfort for your cats.

Before getting your cat admitted to a cat boarding facility, provide all the necessary information to the boarding authority, about your pet such as special foods or medications. This will help them to remain prepared for emergencies. With the best cat boarding facility, you will no longer have to worry about the comfort of your cat when you are away.

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