Common Cat Ailments and Why you should know them

By: Damir Vidan

Like human beings, cats are not as self-sufficient as you think, especially those domesticated ones. Their inability to get the nutrients from the wild makes domesticated cats more prone to acquiring certain ailments than their counterparts in the wild. Cat owners should always place importance on getting their cats checked out by their local vets, scheduling their shots, and even getting the right kind of nutrition for their pet cats. Otherwise, your cat will probably acquire one, or if not all, of these illnesses listed below:

common cat ailments

Common Skin Problems Among Cats

Skin problems are very common among our furry companions, whether they are Persian Cats or a Poodle. Itching and hair loss are two common forms of skin problems that cats have, and though treatable, they are no way pleasant. Skin problems are caused by a lot of factors, like allergies, dry skin, fleas and ticks, and hygiene.

Hygiene is a factor because just because a cat has the ability to lick itself clean, it doesn’t mean that it is 100% clean. Excessive scratching and gnawing on the infected area may cause swelling, redness, and if exposed to germs, infection.

Heartworm Infections & Cats

Heartworm infections are also common ailments that cats are likely to acquire. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes and cats are diagnosed through a series of x-rays and blood tests. Once the larva is inside, it makes its way through the right ventricle and other nearby blood vessels. When your cat is infected, symptoms will begin to manifest like laboured breathing, excessive coughing, vomiting, and other possible respiratory problems. When left untreated, heartworm infections can be fatal.

cat health issues

Obesity & Other Cat Health Issues

Obesity is also a big problem for cats, pardon the pun. We see a lot of fat cats on the Internet, and we may think that it’s cute that there’s a real life Garfield, but cat obesity poses a serious threat. It opens the cat up to obesity-related ailments like joint and tissue problems, diabetes, heart problems, and even digestive disorders.

Cats are creatures of habits, so a break from their usual activity is already an indicator that he or she may not be feeling well. For example, cats are picky eaters and if they don’t chow down on their favourite food, they could be suffering from loss of appetite, which is a symptom of illnesses like constipation and other digestive disorders. Take the time to study your cat’s patterns and lifestyle, and if you notice any sudden changes, take them to the vet. Remember, prevention is better than cure.


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