Common Cat Fur Problems Explained

Cat fur issues explained

Cats can have some serious problems when it comes to their fur. Of course, as a pet owner you want to make sure that you are keeping your cat healthy and happy. So, when you spot problems with their fur, you need to make sure that you are dealing with the problem immediately. If you don’t, your cat may be susceptible to further, more serious health concerns.

Hair Loss

Hair loss in cats is incredibly frequent. As cats are fastidious groomers, this can be a by-product of them wanting to be clean. You can expect to see some shedding and hair loss in the summer months. But, if your cat has bald patches in their fur, this could be a sign of other health problems. This could be problematic if left untreated.

Common causes of hair loss can be as a result of fleas and ticks. When these pesky critters cling on to your cat’s fur, they bite through the skin to feed off your cat. If fleas have been undetected to a while, bald spots can occur. Of course, flea and tick control for cats is relatively cheap to buy. What’s more, it’s easy to administer too. In some cases, cats can suffer from dermatitis. This can be as a result of washing their bedding in new washing powders. The chemicals may irritate your cat’s skin causing them to lose fur. But, fungal infections are also a leading cause of hair loss. Do make sure that you are checking your bedding and for fleas. If these are not the problems, ensure that you head to the vets for a second opinion. Fungal infections can cause further health concerns if you don’t treat these immediately.

Common cat fur problems

Changes to Fur Colour

Vitiligo is a common condition that many cats suffer from. This disease can see your cat's coat change colour. In some cases, their fur may go from light to dark in splotches or patches. Likewise, light spots can appear on a dark coat. Vitiligo usually isolates itself to certain areas in the body or the fur. But, it’s not a harmful condition. Just be sure to make sure that the change your cat is suffering from is vitiligo.

Vitiligo is similar to Leukotrichia. But, the patches from this illness usually occur around the face and eyes. This is typically as of a result of a poor diet. So, do make sure that you are feeding your cat a well-balanced and mixed diet. Do be sure to give your cat a mix of dry and wet food and keep them hydrated. This will ensure that their coat remains intact and that they have that glossy shine to their coat.

cat fur common problems

Tangled Fur

If your cat doesn’t like stopping indoors, you may need to take more care in helping your cat groom themselves. You need to make sure that your cat is brushed and washed to keep their fur healthy. Failing to do this can result in tangled hair. After all, when a cat is exploring they will get dirt and gunk in their fur. This can lead to matting. By making sure that you are helping your cat groom their fur, you can spot any underlying issues. But, you will also keep them happy and healthy by getting rid of tangled fur.

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