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Pita cat Petbrosia food challenge

Greetings Cat Lovers,

We officially started the Petbrosia customized cat food challenge. From this point forward we will be sharing our experience from the time we create the customized account, order the food, and delivery to the day-by-day health improvement from the new diet.

Step 1 - Creating profile and ordering food for Pita & Tiger

Petbrosia diet challenge

The process was very simple. Once you enter your pet's name, a second window will open. There you can add your pet's photo, breed, age, gender, energy level, allergy information, weight, other info, and choose auto-replenishment (personalized cat food).

Next, you need to choose the box size. If you're not sure about the box size, just enter 1 for each box size and at the column bottom you will see the "Estimated Supply," which in our case, I selected the 5lb Box.

Once you click "Add to Cart," a new page will open and if this is your first time on the site, you will need to create an account to complete your order. Just enter your email, create a password and add your phone number.  You will also need to accept the terms and conditions and sign up for the monthly newsletter (optional). When you click create, you will return to your order. Click add and another window will open requesting  the delivery address.

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That's all for now...we will keep you posted!


Step 2 - Food Delivery & Custom Diet

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Step 3 - Day 14

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

We just posted our second video in the Pita Cat - Petbrosia Cat Food Challenge

Pita & Tiger started the Petbrosia cat food diet about two weeks ago. We noticed changes in their daily activities..

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Customized Cat Food Challenge Update

We just wanted to give you all an update on our 90 day customized cat food challenge from Petbrosia.

Hope you enjoyed our video. Please like and share.

Thanks for watching! (^-^)

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