How Cat Boarding Kennels Ensure the Safety and Security of Cats

by Mike Warner
(Melbourne, Vic, Australia)

Cat Boarding Kennels Melbourne 

Cat Boarding Kennels Melbourne 

What are cat boarding kennels?

When the owners are at vacation or out of the home, they can give their cats at cat boarding kennels for their care. The cat boarding kennels are the places where the cats are kept for a temporary period of time when they cannot manage to stay at the house of their owners. These places are also known as boarding catteries and are mostly utilized by the owners when they go on a holiday. The boarding catteries are also used during shifting homes or resettlement in a home, construction or building work as well as in such situations when the owners become unavailable in emergency situations. The main purpose to send the cats to the boarding catteries is to ensure that they are well looked after and taken care of even in the absence of the owners. It is mandatory for the owners to cater to the well being of the cats and see to their safety and security at all times. There are many protection bodies and concerned authorities who are in charge of protection of the cats. Therefore any negligence in this regard comes under legal matters which entitles legal punishments to the owners, if found guilty.

The cat boarding kennels must be licensed and examined at regular intervals of time, by the local environmental authorities department according to certain acts catering for animals and pets. A veterinary surgeon must pay regular visit to such places whenever necessary to ensure that the cats are running smooth health and are lively in nature. The vets ensure that the cats are fit both mentally and physically.

Requirements to set up a proper boarding kennel for cats

  • The cat boarding kennels must be well equipped and meet the norms and regulations pertaining to cleanliness and proper maintenance.

  • One must need a space to build animal accommodation and permission from local authority to run the establishment legally.

  • One must also need sufficient finance to establish the boarding kennel.

  • One must need to have a good business sense and be disciplined enough to keep daily records.

  • One must have the social skills to get involved with the owners of the animals they board. 

  • The cats must be kept in good and suitable accommodation.

  • The boarding kennels must be well constructed and maintain a proper size. To small kennels cannot accommodate a huge number of cats and therefore cat boarding kennels are to be constructed accordingly.

  • The temperature inside the accommodation should be of a concern to the owner of the kennels as a moderate temperature is more suitable for the cats to sustain life freely.

  •  A good amount of light must penetrate into the housing which will ensure the healthy growing and development of the cats and enough oxygen and fresh air.

  • Proper ventilation must be present inside the lodging to facilitate a healthy environment and the free exchange of gases.

  • The place must be kept clean and properly maintained. It has to be seen that the floors are not dirty and the cats can nibble small insects and germs which may take a hard toll on their health.

  • The boarding kennels for cats must supply adequate water, milk and food to the cats for a healthy lifestyle.

  • The kennels must be visited at frequent intervals to check on the conditions of the place and that of the cats.

  • The cats should be secured and well protected from outside pollution and other harmful substances.

  •  It is also very important to take precautions to prevent the spread or origin of any infections disease among the cats.

  • In the context of any emergency, the appropriate steps need to be taken within the limited span of time.

  • The management of the boarding kennels should be potential enough to take any necessary step or action during any circumstances such as fire or related situations.

  • Skills and training required for establishing cat boarding kennel

  • No such skills are required for establishing the catteries. Only your behavior with animal enhances the professional training. Before establishing the catteries at your locality, do research for your business growth.

  • What can you charge at your cattery?

  • The charges only depend upon the services offered by your staff to the cats.

Having accomplished these conditions, only then, these boarding kennels are granted license. It is a good way to show love and affection for the cats and giving them a friendly and lively environment in the boarding kennels so that the cats can live their life and enjoy freely in such an environment.

Hope you like the about mentioned information about cat boarding kennels. If you want to know more then go here and get some useful information.

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