How Cats Can Help In More Ways Than One

Cats can help in many ways

Cats are very cool pets for a whole bunch of different reasons. And because of that, it means that owning one of your own hold so many amazing benefits. Here are just a few.

You will have a healthier heart.

Cats are able to lower your levels of stress, and we all know what stress can do to us. It's one of those silent illnesses that puts your heart under a lot of pressure, as well as many other things in your life. You can suffer from bad breakouts, a low immune system, and bad habits. It has been proven that living with a cat that you get to pet and cuddle with every day, has a positive calming effect, so much so that it greatly lowers the risk of heart attacks and even strokes, because the owner often feels relaxed, calm, and at peace.

They will help you cope.      

If you've recently been struggling with a loss, or aren't coping very well in day to day life, you should consider getting yourself a cat. You may be trying to deal with depression or anxiety, in which case you can really find support and comfort, so have a look at how to get a cat for anxiety. They can help you through difficult times, even by just talking to them. Sure, they can't talk back, but sometimes just being able to speak about how you're feeling rather than keeping it all in can really help you.

They say a lot about your personality.

The breed of cat that you decide on having can say a lot about the kind of personality that you have. There are so many different breeds, and while a lot of people assume that cats are cats - they are wrong. Take a Bengal for example, they are highly intelligent cats that are very vocal, have an incredible coat that is like one of a leopards with an incredible silky finish, they love to climb high and jump around like a monkey, and they are very dependent cats. Compare that to a British Shorthair and you have two completely different personalities.

They give you the companionship you need.

If you live alone, or often feel very lonely, then a cat may be exactly what you need. A lot of people say that dogs are better for the job, but really that is just stereotyping - cats can be just as good at filling the role. They give you so much affection that you don't even need to ask for, as they initiate the first contact all the time by constantly rubbing their bodies up against you. Studies even say that cats are able to remember the kindness that they have received, and come back to return it. And let's not forget that magical sound they make when they're telling you how much they love you - the purring. It soothes the soul...

So now you've seen all the reasons why cats are one of the best forms of self-help, what are you waiting for? Go out there and find your new companion.

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"A cat improves the garden wall in sunshine, and the hearth in foul weather." - Judith Merkle Riley

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