How To Cat Proof Your Home

by Diane Keaton

Cat Proofing your Home

Cat Proofing your Home

This is an essential task before bringing home your new cat. At least you should prepare a room for her in advance and take care of a lot of things that might be dangerous to her during her adjustment period that involves experimentation and discovery. It also involves short excursions, initially, to the remaining of her home and you must also prepare for this stage well in advance and not just during the course of time when she is on her way to her new home. You might have to remove a lot of items and accessories like plants or stationery that otherwise remains lying around. It may also involve purchasing a few items.

Things To Remove
The first consideration is to the things that must be removed before she comes into the room. It includes soft items that she might be tempted or chews or swallows like documents, tissues, toilet paper, etc. and take care to keep them in drawers or closed in some container during this period.

• This also includes medical drugs used by you or food items that are not suitable for the cat. DO remove them from the forefront and store them in safe place.

• It is also important to keep cleaning agents and chemicals away if you house your kitten in the bathroom, for example. In any case, when she visits a place for the first time, keep these harmful agents away.

• If you have a plant that is toxic or allergic to cats, remove them or take them outside your home.

Another important task is to insulate any wirings or outlets so that the kitty does not mess with it. This can equally be harmful if there are kids at home.

Things To Add
After you have completed the above tasks, it is time to go for some shopping and among the most essential cat proof items, a scratching post and a litter box are almost inevitable.

• First, look for a nice and sturdy scratching post that can hold her weight, has good height and is rough and tough. It must last the attacks from its nails. A scratching post is bound to save a lot of items on your house ranging from your carpets, rugs, curtains and blinds to furniture and more. Cats love to scratch to sharpen and clean their nails and a post serves this purpose perfectly.

• The second thing is to consider a suitable litter box. If you can afford more money, an automatic cat litter box is a good choice. They do a lot of work automatically ranging from cleaning the waste to washing the tray. They sense the presence of the cat automatically and keep it ready for her return.

Hence, making your home cat proof does not take a lot of time and stress if you prepare for it a while ago for bringing her home. The last minute preparations might be frustrating, so make a note of all the things you need to redo or purchase and get it done in your own time.

Diane is a life-long cat lover and a seasoned cat owner, currently taking care of only 2 cats, which gives her more than enough trouble. She tries to educate fellow cat lovers about the benefits of litter boxes at her Cat Litter Box website, and can be found on Google+ or by email at

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