How To Get Your Feline
Thin Again

Get Your Feline Thin Again

Regular readers of the blog will know that obesity in cats is on the rise. For those who are unaware, check out the “Obesity in Cats” post from a while back. You may learn something new.

Cats are active and generally healthy animals. They eat quite well and spend a chunk of their time outside in the fresh air. Still, some pets, and owners too, are lazy and indulgent. When the mix is just right, the feline starts to put on weight.

It’s already happened so there’s no point in apportioning blame. The best thing to do now is to help them shed the pounds and here’s how.

Set A Meat-Based Routine

In the post “Three Ways to Help a Cat Lose Weight,” it points out that felines are obligate carnivores. In simple terms, this means they get their source of protein from meat most of the time. Unlike humans, it is healthy for them to chow down on processed and raw meat for the majority of their lives. So, start by changing their diet and getting them back into a meat-based routine. Although it feels wrong, canned foods are high in protein and low in carbs and will help keep the fat off.

And Throw In Some Veggies

There is nothing wrong with chucking a handful of leafy greens into the bowl. Veggies may not be their main source of nutrition, yet they are low in calories. Plus, they contain vital vitamins and things such as iron and potassium. Unfortunately, felines aren’t vegetable-lovers. In fact, there is even a “Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers?” post that details why they aren’t very cool around them. As funny as it is, it’s also important to keep in mind. The best way to get them to eat veg is to feed them the ones they like.

Play With Their Food

Cats have an easy life. They spend a lot of the time sleeping and then jaunt into the kitchen for dinner when it’s ready. Owners graciously put it out for them because, well, they don’t have retractable thumbs. Still, operating a tin opener isn’t necessary. Cats can still be semi-independent as long as you let them play with their food. Take a couple of cat treats, low in calories of course, and throw them around the room. A hungry feline will chase them and burn off fat in the process, killing two birds with one stone.

Cut Back

Speaking of birds, let’s not forget that cats have instincts. Part of their DNA is to hunt, and they will gladly pounce on mice and flying rats if they get the chance. However, they’re less likely to do it if they are full. Instincts or not, no one wants to run around on a full stomach. With this in mind, cut back the amount they eat during the day. Hopefully, this will encourage them to go outside and find their own meals. As they scour the gardens for food, they will get their daily dose of exercise.

Is your pet a fat cat? How do you plan on making him/her thin again?

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