How To Help Your Friend Bring A Cat Home

Bring new cat home

If you’re a cat lover, then you’ve probably spent many an hour telling your friends and family about all the benefits of having those little balls of fuzz in your life! And you’ve probably seen their eyes glaze over once you’ve started talking. These common muted responses make it all the more exciting when a friend expresses an interest in becoming a fellow cat-owner. Sometimes, they just need a little help to make the jump! And here’s where you, a bona fide cat lover, comes in. Below, we take a look at a few ways you can ensure another kitten ends up in a great home.

Visit the Shelter With Them

Now, you should already know about the ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop” policy, which has it that since there are so many kittens in rescue centers that need a home, it makes no sense to shop for one! So that’s the first thing you can tell your friend. From there, it’s about visiting the shelters with them and trying to find the perfect cat for their needs. They might be walking in blind, but you’ll have a better sense of which types of cats (including breed and age) are better for which lifestyles. Plus, it’s more fun if you go along with a friend!

Creating a Safe Space

If they’ve never owned a cat - or any pet - before, then they’ll need to spend some time getting their house in order. You can help by pointing them towards House Method's pet safety guide, which will ensure that dangerous foods and other household items are kept well away from your friend’s new feline friend. You might also want to help set up a resting space, a spot for kitty little, and so on.

Old Belongings

As a veteran cat owner, you’ve probably got plenty of useful feline items around your home! So don’t let them just gather dust in your home; pass them on to your friend, and explain the uses of each one. If you’re planning on getting another cat in the future, it can be on a loan basis until that new cat arrives, or until they’ve bought their own items. There are plenty of small items that cat owners need to have, but often they don’t realize until it’s needed. With your help, they’ll have it ready!

Words of Advice

Like the items you need for a cat, most people just feel their way into kitten ownership. They wait to see what happens, and then respond - but sometimes they make mistakes. You can help your friend along their journey to being the best possible cat owner by imparting all your advice. Cats are complex creatures, and you’ll have built up a lot of knowledge over the years.

Helping Out

Finally, offer to help out from time to time. Cat owners often run into headaches when they need to, say, go away for a few nights, and they don’t know what to do with their cat. As a cat lover, you’ll be all too happy to help out!

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