How to Keep your Cat Healthy

Cats of all ages are wonderful companions. Their amusing antics help many people cope with their chronic diseases, stress, and pain. Cats can live to their twenties and thirties with the right care. Your cat’s lifespan depends on your level of knowledge of the special care that he or she requires. Here are some useful tips to keep your cat healthy:

1. Feed your cat with quality food and plenty of water

How to keep your cat health

Feeding your cat with the right diet keeps him or her healthy. Consult your veterinarian when making food choices for your kitten. In the pasts, vets would recommend dry food diets for cats. They have changed to exclusive wet or liquid diet to ensure that cats take enough water every day. Ask your vet for the best brands of canned wet foods. Cats like fresh water from fountains or faucets. Turning on your faucet from time to time will encourage your cat to drink water.

2. Take your cat to the veterinarian for regular checkup and vaccination

The first thing that every pet owner must do after buying or adopting a kitten is visiting a veterinarian. Cats require vaccinations against rabies, feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline panleukopenia (distemper) and feline calicivirus. Your vet will prepare a vaccination schedule for these and other diseases. In addition, you vet will check for any defects and autoimmune complications. Ask your vet for the right products to use to keep your cat from ticks, fleas, and worms.

3. Observe your cat’s behavior

Cats are good at hiding diseases and do not any signs of illness until the disease is very serious. Take your cat or kitten to an emergency animal clinic if you notice signs such as poor feeding, increased water intake, frequent urination, and lethargy. These could be signs of the kidney disease. Older cats are at a high risk of cancer, arthritis, obesity, and hyperthyroidism. Any behavioral changes in your geriatric cat must be treated as an emergency including bathroom accidents. Cats are sensitive to pain and inflammation medication. Your vet may recommend pet laser therapy to relieve pain from joint injuries or arthritis.

Cat toys and activities are safe for your cat

4. Ensure that your cat’s toys and activities are safe

Cats tend to swallow strings instead of spitting them out. Avoid toys with strings unless if you playing with your cat. In addition, avoid toys with small pieces or small balls that your cat can break, chew or swallow. Provide climbing poles and large toys for your cat and a safe place to hide or rest after play.

5. Keep your indoors safe for your cat

Keeping your cat indoors protects him or her from diseases, hazards and other animals. However, you must ensure that there are no toxic products, chemical, plants or food that can harm your cat. Keep your indoor equipment and machines such as paper shredders unplugged.

6. Keep the litter box clean

Cats like clean litter boxes. Place your litter box in a well-lit place and keep it clean. You can avoid bathroom messes in your house and identify any changes in your cat’s feces if you clean the litter box regularly. Consider buying an extra litter box for your cat or kitten.

Your cat depends on you to stay healthy and live a long life. Follow the tips outlined above to keep your companion in good shape. Keep your cat as comfortable as possible as he or she ages.

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