How to train a Serengeti cat

by Prashant
(New Delhi, Delhi, India)

Blessed with independent and lively nature, Serengeti cat is famous for its friendly, outgoing and confident personality. They resemble the domestic cats and bond quickly and closely with the humans or family members. They socialize and make children their friends. They are also known as the “Velcro cat” as they sometimes opt for cuddling sessions from their loved ones.

Serengiti’s are very energetic and simply love the hustle and bustle of the human life. These types of cats are also popular for their liveliness and intelligence; so training them is not that challenging. They are independent cats and will not be found alone while you are busy at your work, but you would rather find them with a toy or so.

Importance of Serengeti Training
Definitely being the lap cats, they are so affectionate and love to be pampered. They take huge interest in the people surrounding them and need full attention during the training. Most of the training is provided by the cat to perform tricks and fetch. Since they are “active cats”, a suitable training makes them capable of running here and there and equips them to behave in a well mannered way. These cats are outdoor cats, but keeping in mind the complexity and dangers of the outer world they are trained to remain indoors.

Positive reinforcement- Use of tasty treats
Identify the treats that are loved by your cat, like, fresh chicken, meat- flavored products, commercial treats, etc. Now use reward based training for your cat. This reward will ensure that your cat behaves in a desirable manner. You can make your cat learn basic commands through positive reinforcement. For instance, if you are preparing dinner and you want your cat to sit on a stool, then these kinds of rewards work the best.

Toilet Training
Though, this is very difficult, but this method proves to be fruitful and hygienic in the future. A big cat can use your toilets for going to the toilet. Initially, you have to help it and make it learn the way to use the toilet, but later on, it shall be in a position to use your toilet on its own without your help. Moreover, if the good behavior is clubbed with a reward or a treat, then the good behavior would be positively reinforced.

Fetching and Retrieving
The Serengeti cat can be trained to retrieve and fetch certain things such as a slipper or a ball. They adore these fun loving sessions as they consider it as a part of a game. Initially, they might get the wrong slipper or a ball, but with the help of training they will soon familiarize with the things and will correctly fetch them.

Clicker Training
A clicker training can be faster and easier. If there is no clicker available with you, then you can make use of a pen to make clicker sound. The clicker would assist your cat in knowing that it has done the right thing, so they catch faster on it. But the training sessions of the cat should be shorter because they tend to get bored otherwise.

Ringing bell Training
• As the cats are open, friendly, outgoing and active, they can get destructive at times. A ringing bell can be suspended on a string at the eye level of your cat.
• Reward the cat every time it rings the bell and ignore the meowing or any scratching sounds. Soon your cat will be conditioned to deliberately ring the bell for the rewards.

Obedience Training
• Though, the Serengeti is an adorable and a lovable cat, its obedience training should begin from the very 1st day when it is brought into the house.
• Be patient, but firm when instilling obedience in your Serengeti cat.

Do’s and Don’ts in Providing Training to a Serengeti cat
• Give a lot of attention to your cat as it is very demanding and concentrate on its grooming regularly.
• Ring the bell; be affectionate to your cat.
• Use positive reinforcement with your cat.
• Stay cool and discourage rowdy and unruly behavior with your cat.
• Do not be strict with them or punish them. Cats avoid responding to punishments.
• The training sessions should not be long as they get bored with longer sessions.

Tips to Make the Training Task Easy for a Serengeti cat
• Serengeti cats are not only friendly, open and self assured, but they also can become vocal and interact with you on any subject
• The training sessions should be made fun loving and exciting for the cats
• Be attentive and gentle towards your cat, use rewards and let them be active and playful
• Introduce them properly so that they can get friendly with others
• Be patient, firm and give enough time for the training sessions.

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