How to Train Your Cat to Sit?

by Laurensk

It can't be expressed in words how it feels when you see your coddled cat sitting on your order. Well, it is not that tough task to make her learn how to sit. Just a few tricks and rules are needed and she will start sitting on your command within a week or two. To help you out, here are the steps through which you can train them to sit whenever you want them to...

• Fix her feeding time before starting the training: It will evoke a kind of punctuality in the cat. If you feed her at the same time on a daily basis, she will recognize that it is time to eat. In this way, you can get her complete attention for a certain duration.

• Get your cat's favorite treats: You must know what treat your cat loves the most. In case you don't, you may buy a variety of treats from online pet stores in order to identify her interest. Giving a bribe is the best way to commence the training.

• Kneel or sit down in front of her and remove all the distractions beforehand: Do the training at a place where there is no distraction. Moreover, make certain that your pet feline feels safe and comfortable at that place.

• Grab her attention by showing her a treat and allowing her to smell it: This exercise is done to attain the complete attention of the cat. You may give a small bit of the treat to make her taste it. From here, you can use the remaining treat for further training. Her complete attention to the treatment will help you train her as you want.

• After getting attention, lift the treat above her head: Make your cat crane her neck by lifting the treat above her head slowly. In case she tries to grab it by jumping, raise it high or move your hand away. This will make understand that things will go as per your wish. While lifting the treat, the cat has to sit in order to maintain balance. Just as you find your cat has sat, ask 'SIT' and provide her the treat.

• Patience is a must: On repeating the above task for a few days, you may begin to link the verbal command with actions. You have to maintain your patience while the training process as every cat is not the same and the time taken to learn the orders may also differ.

• In case of a cat is confused, press down on its rear quarters: If your close-to-heart pet is confused, you may press her back lightly to make clear what you want her to do. However, few cats dislike this and as a result, they may scratch or even bite you.

• Do not ever try lest your cat gets frustrated: Do not overexert the exercise. It may result in a certain frustration in your cat. Never punish her if she does not follow the commands. On following the process for a limited period every day, you will soon find no need of offering the treat as well. Your feline will start understanding what you are trying her to do.

Once your cat has learned to follow your command to sit, you may also proceed to make her learn how to shake, sit up, and all. You can exhibit your skills in front of your friends and can make your coddled companion popular in your circle!

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Sep 22, 2014
Great tips
by: Anonymous

Hi...thanks for sharing...these are great tips on how to train cats to sit...and yes, it will require patience, but we can indeed train cats :D

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