Keep your cat healthy and happy!

by Paul Evans
(London, UK)

All pet owners want to keep their animals happy and healthy. Indeed, most responsible owners go out of their way to ensure their pet’s well being is suitably taken care of.

However, whilst most pet owners remain very aware of major concerns like nutrition and exercise, they aren’t always as clued up about less obvious concerns, such as oral diseases, and fleas and ticks.

Oral Diseases

Many pet owners may not realize it, but dental care is also key in maintaining a pet’s overall health. Bacteria in an animal’s mouth can get into a pet's bloodstream and permeate different organs, causing infections which have the potential to be fatal. The lungs, heart, kidneys and liver are the organs most often affected by oral diseases.

Fleas and Ticks

Keeping up with flea and tick control is instrumental in maintaining the health of domestic pets. For sure, fleas and ticks are more than just an irritation to animals: they are known to cause health problems ranging from skin infections and allergic reactions to hair loss.

Fortunately, there are a range of pet care products on the market today (dips, powders, collars, topical solutions etc) which can help to keep these concerns at bay. Owners should consult their veterinarian to determine which solution will best serve their pet.

Without doubt, being aware of less obvious health concerns, as well as the more evident ones, will help pet owners to ensure their animals remain truly healthy and happy.

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