Kitten new surroundings

by Paul Evans
(United Kingdom)

It may be tempting when you get a new kitten, to let it go outside and explore its new surroundings; after all, that’s what cats are meant to do, aren’t they?

Kittens, when they are first brought home need to be settled into their homes first, that is learning where their food, water and litter trays are, and when to use them. Kittens get scared and nervous very easily, so it is best for them to become comfortable and feel safe in the home before introducing them to a whole new world of exploration and potential hazards.

A kitten should not be allowed outside at least until after they have had their first course of vaccinations, at around 13-14 weeks. Once the kitten is fully vaccinated, then they can safely explore the outside world. When first letting the kitten outside, make sure you accompany him outside and make sure he can make it back to the house without difficulty. Ideally, don’t let the kitten out on his own for the first six months. Becoming comfortable with your garden and knowing how to get back will give the kitten the confidence to explore a little further.

Fitting a cat flap in your door will enable the cat to come and go as he pleases, and will give a quick escape route if he is feeling frightened or threatened. It is possible to buy collars which only allow your own cat to enter through the cat flap, so you don’t end up with a couple of strays in your home.

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