Kitty's First Snowfall

by Jeanne Fiedler
(Washington Twp. NJ)

The first snow has
fallen, leaving a
blanket of white fur
on the ground
My cat's gray fur,
a soft bluish gray,
is camaflouged against
the sunlit cystals

She loves her home
Lucky she is to have one
Doesn't like to play outside
We open the door
The cold air whispers to her
She looks at this blanche
substance, and with a
little coaxing, she goes out

She places one paw on the
snow then the other paw
She sniffs it, excitement
in her bright yellow eyes
She falls onto the snow
rolling on her back, her
sides, chasing her tial
around, running then
falling back in the snow,
up and down in happy mirth
You can hear the soft
rustling sounds

She understands that this
pure white fluff can be
fun too
An angelic, fresh
as she learns something
new about life and
is so funny and so cute

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"A cat improves the garden wall in sunshine, and the hearth in foul weather." - Judith Merkle Riley

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