Letters to Jennifer

by Marita Watson
(Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada)

I first encountered this book a few years ago as the writer Sharon Gray and I belonged to the same bridge club. I was interested in what she was writing and as I have always rather liked cats decided to read this new book.

Well I was hooked after the first few pages, read it the first time in one sitting, and promptly bought copies for friends as gifts. One copy I sent to a friend in Italy who loves her cat dearly, who was learning to read English, and who was absolutely thrilled to learn more about Canadian cats. She obviously liled what she read as she is now coming here to study and is bringing her beloved cat with her.

The book is not just for cat devotees however--it is a poignant story of human behaviour and I guarantee you will both laugh and cry during your sojourn with Maudie and Oliver.

I highly recommend a visit with Sharon's two wonderful Siamese and I know their voices, as they write to their beloved Aunt, will become part of your reading memory.

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