Maude Cat Thankful!

by Sandy
(Manassas, Virginia)

Maude was adopted at 6 weeks old and now over a year old. Maude was a delicate looking cat but very strong. If she coughed a vet visit was made. We had leather furniture so I cut and filed her nails straight across and even. She played in our yard and never strayed. One day I looked out and I could not see Maude. I walked out and yelled loudly. Maude answered me from high above me. She had climbed up a tall tree in our yard. She cried like a baby to help her down. Her straight filed nails prevented her from coming down alone. I was older and not able to climb the tree to help her. Maude was so upset crying loudly to me. I called the fire department to help her! The fireman used a very tall ladder to reach Maude. I prayed and asked please do not panic Maude and bite the fireman. He reached up and held her gently in his hands. Maude looked very stressed then collapsed on his shoulder. Maude looked up into the fireman's eyes and thanked him with her loving expression and a soft meow to him. When they reached the ground I walked over and thanked the fireman for coming to help Maude. The fireman looked at me and said, " Maude already thanked me." I told him I saw and heard Maude thank you.

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