Protect your cat from
flea-borne diseases

By Melissa Stevens

Cat with flea-borne disease

Owning a cat is fun and games until they get fleas or some kind of a disease that can be dangerous not only for your little pet, but also for everyone else in the house as well. You need to make sure that your feline friend is not scratching itself all over the place, and that they are not bringing in any diseases into to the house. However, in case that your cat got fleas, you need to act fast to get rid of the pests.

Is Your Cat Invaded?

Before you start panicking and running to all kinds of experts to see if your cat is alright, you will have to do a thorough flea check yourself, to see if there is need for any worry. Chances are that you can medicate the problem easily at home, with a helpful advice from a veterinarian, who will tell you exactly what to do and what medication to use.

The Danger of Fleas

Fleas are not only bad for your cat, as your little pet will start to scratch all over the place and to shed their fur, but there are a number of flea-borne diseases which could be dangerous for your furry little friend, and for everyone in the household as well. Moreover, you need to teach your children how to behave around cats, and how to handle them with care, otherwise there might be a chance of your kids contracting something serious from a flea-infected cat.

The most common flea transmitted infection would be the flea tapeworm, which can in the long run really hurt cats, but if treated immediately there should be no side effects. Another common infection would be the cat scratch diseases which basically infects the lymph nodes and generally goes away on its own; however it can lead to more serious neurological or cardiac issues. Rickettsia felis typhus is perhaps the most dangerous of infections, because it can lead to severe pain, rashes and fevers that could result in dire consequences.

danger of fleas

All Year Round Protection

You should take care of your cat even when they are not around the house, as their animal instincts kick in quite frequently, you should make sure that they are protected. Giving them a flea-collar is one of the steps you can take; but you should wash them regularly when they come back from the outside, even more so if you have small children in the house. Regularly inspecting your cat for fleas is also essential; combing through their fur with a comb to see if there is anything is not only good for finding pests, but also it is great for grooming them, and making sure they are a clean pet.

Preliminary Precautions

It is also vital to bring your cat for a visit to the vet regularly so that you can rest assured that everything is alright, and that there is no chance of anything happening. Moreover, if necessary, you can use prescribed worming tablets for cats, as they can help with a flea problem as well. Never under any circumstances should you try to medicate the problem by yourself, as you might give your cat something they are allergic to, and you might cause more harm than good.

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