Three Steps to Keeping Your Cat Fit and Healthy

by Melianie Cho

Most cat owners would agree that their choice of pet was a great one. Besides the hair shedding part, cats make wonderful pets. Along with being cute, fun and loving, they are also entertaining to be around. It is important to note, however, that in order to maintain a healthy relationship between you two, you must take the necessary measures to make sure your cat is fit and healthy. The following steps will insure that your cat is in perfect shape.

Step 1: Provide a balanced and nutritious diet.

Cat food is a must because it provides all the appropriate nutrients that your cat needs. Along with cat food, cats can also be fed fresh natural foods such as raw meat, meaty bones, fish, and even some cooked meats such as boiled chicken. Remember to always consult a vet before you begin feeding your cat because the amount of food you can offer the cat depends on its age and size.

Please note that overfeeding or underfeeding your pet may cause serious problems. Some foods that you should avoid giving your pet include nuts, coffee, bread, and tomatoes. Along with food, your pet must also receive sufficient amount of water everyday. Tap water is usually alright, but giving your cat filtered water is a better option.

Step 2: Take your cat to the vet for regular check-ups.

You may find it very annoying and time-consuming, but taking your pet to the vet is mandatory for its health and longevity. It is important that you keep up with the vaccinations in order to prevent diseases and other health problems and issues. Be sure and ask the vet to prescribe flea and tick medicine to avoid any such diseases. In case you ever feel that your cat is sick please consult a doctor and do not try and treat the illness on your own. Some illnesses are serious and if they are not treated properly, they can become life-threatening.

Step 3: Make sure your cat is happy.

This third step to keeping your cat strong and fit is the easiest. Just like humans, cats may also suffer from depression and you must make sure your pet doesn’t go through any of that stuff. Therefore, you must give your cat a lot of love, care, and affection. When calling your pet, make sure you use a polite and kind tone. Also play with your pet, spend time together and try to plan a day out with your cat. Offer your cat treats for good behavior and also, buy your pet some toys that can keep the cat occupied when you’re busy doing something else. Also, make sure you meet all of your cat’s needs, and be sure that he/she is not deprived of any necessity.

It is a fact that a happy and healthy pet is important for a happy and healthy family. In order to make sure your pet is fit and healthy you just have to follow these three simple steps.

Melanie is a cat lover. Over the last couple of years, she has been blogging about cat products and training. When she is not blogging, she loves taking care of her 2 cats.


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