Easy Steps on How to Toilet Train Your Cat

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How can you toilet train your cat? Simple, cats are very smart and trainable pets, with patience and time, your cat can learn to use the toilet.

Step 1 

Since your cat is familiar with using the cat litter, the first step is to gradually move the cat litter box next to the toilet. Leave it there for a few days, so your cat will grow accustomed to the new toilet arrangements.

Step 2

Gradually raise the litter box by placing a phone book - or something familiar. Be sure to keep the litter box stable, so it will not move when your cat jumps onto it. It will take a couple of days, so be patient.


Step 3

Next, you will need to move the litter box on top of the toilet seat. At this point, you will need to gradually remove the litter, until the amount of litter in the box is only a thin layer.


Step 4

By this point, your cat is used to using the litter on top of the toilet, so you can replace the litter box with a "training box." There are a few options available, but it is important that you use the "training box" - it will hold your cat's weight if he/she steps or jumps onto it. Here are a few suggestions:

Step 5

Once your cat is used to this new arrangement, it will be time to transition into the cat using the toilet only. You can use a wax paper or an aluminum pan, cut a hole about one inch in diameter (2.5cm) in the center and gradually increase the size of the hole until it is almost gone. If your cat seems confused, try sprinkling a little flushable litter into the water to spark his/her memory.


Step 6

Be sure to flush the toilet after your cat urinates, so he/she will get used to the sound and not get scared.


Step 7

Remember, it is important that you reward your cat after a successful toilet experience. This will positively reinforce a job well done.



Note #1 - toilet train your cat may not work with kittens or mature cats.

Note #2 - toilet train your cat may not work with indoor/outdoor cats, as they will probably just learn to hold it rather than deal with this new arrangement.

Note #3 - it may not even work with indoor cats, it will depend on how much interest your cat has in being manipulated this way.

Note #4 - Don't force your cat, or he/she will not learn.


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Cats can definitely learn how to use the toilet, however it will take some time and patience. Always wait until your cat is comfortable with a set up before changing it, and use positive reinforcement for a job well done.


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